Vegetative neurosis

Vegetative neurosis (synonym: autonomic dysfunction, vegetate, vegetative dystonia) is a group of diseases, developing as a result of violation of the functions of the upper autonomic centers. The term "vegetative neurosis" - conditional, because we can't talk about neurosis only a vegetative nervous system. Correct functional vegetative disorders called "autonomic dysfunction". Vegetative disorders - one of the manifestations of neuroses (neurasthenia, hysteria, psychasthenia), however, autonomic dysfunction often develops in the early stages of organic lesions of nervous system. Often vegetative neurosis occur after trauma.
To vegetative neurosis include the following disorders. Vasomotor disorders, headaches, migraine headaches transient arterial hypertension or hypotension, vasomotor Meniere's disease, Raynaud's disease, and other acroparesthesias
Vegetative - skin disorders: different types of angioneurosis, which is expressed marbling and blueness of the skin, humidity or dryness, itching of the skin and other Vegetative-trophic disorders: muscle atrophy half of the face, dry and brittle nails, ulcers, erosion and other Vegetative-visceral disorders: pain, hypersensitivity (hyperesthesia) in areas Ged (see Ged zone), psevdostenocardia, the feeling of lack of control, a violation of the functions of the esophagus, biliary tract, intestinal secretion disorders (impaired secretion of saliva, gastric juice), of metabolic disorders (water, salt, carbohydrate), spasm bladder, spastic colitis and other Vegetative-allergic disorders: angioedema, urticaria, Senna fever and other
Treatment. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of disease, provide a means improving a dream (phenobarbital 0.05 g, exeron 1 tablet at night), drugs that regulate the function of the autonomic nervous system: holinoliticescoe (belladonna 0.015 g 2-3 times a day, and others), holinomimeticescoe (galantamine 0.25% solution of 1 ml subcutaneously 20-30 injection), ganglioblokirtee (pahikarpin to 0.05 g 2-3 times a day), adrenomimeticescoe (ephedrine). Should symptomatic therapy: soothing (bromine, tincture of Valerian 2-3 times a day), pain (analgin), antispasmodic (papaverine), vitamins (vitamin b), psychotherapy. Separate vegetative disorders - see articles on the names of diseases (for example, Kwinke swelling, Urticaria and other).