The autonomic nervous system

What is autonomic nervous system? The most important task of our internal conductors consists, as has been said repeatedly, combining parts of the body, the coordination of their work. We have also talked about the fact that the management of the domestic economy will be in two ways - neural and humoral. Like two conductor's baton lead the Symphony of life. Chief conductor is the nervous system, to regulatory activities which we will learn in the first place.
Speaking about the features of different systems and organs of the body, we have repeatedly faced with the impact of the vagal and sympathetic nerves. These two nerve, constituting the so-called vegetative nervous system, connect the brain to the internal organs. The vagus nerve departs from the back of the brain (the Department, called the oblong brain and represents the transition to the spinal cord in the head). Sprigs nerve envelop almost all the organs of the body, and so he called wandering. Of course, the name is inaccurate, for the branches of the nerve does not "wander". With the same right can be called wandering sympathetic nerve centers of which lie in the spinal cord and in the form of a long chain of nerve nodes stretches along the spine, sending everywhere their branches. It is clear that the nerves, as all the nerves of the body, we have the right and left.
If you try to briefly describe the functions of both nerves, we can say that the sympathetic Department of the vegetative nervous system sends impulses that cause the body in combat readiness, i.e. adapting its commitment to the outside world. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems increases, causing the muscles more oxygen. Contained in liver glycogen into glucose, which, as we know, is the main fuel with enhanced the work of body cells. On the contrary, the wandering nerve are signals that help restore spent the body's resources, i.e., the activities of this nerve is as if quartermaster service of the body. The vagus nerve calming, hinders the work of the heart and respiration, but it strengthens the activities of digestive organs. Almost every organ go twigs as sympathetic and vagus nerve. Orders both are often opposite character. So, sympathetic nerve dilates the pupil and nerve related wandering, narrows it. However, in some respects these nerves help each other, influencing various aspects of the body. Day stronger the influence of the sympathetic nerve, night wandering.