Venezela - opening of the walls of Vienna. Is made in cases when the venipuncture (see) impossible (poorly expressed or savchina Vienna). Indications: phlebotomy, infusion into a vein medicinal mud, blood and blood substitutes, especially in the drop way. For venesection most use of subcutaneous veins of the elbow bend, middle and lower third of the forearm, subcutaneous veins of the leg from the inner ankle.
Venesection produces the doctor. Previously on a limb above the intended location of the incision impose a plait. Skin treated with alcohol and alcoholic iodine solution. Operational field delimit sterile sheets or towels. After anesthesia 0.25, or 0.5% solution novokaina scalpel make the incision of the skin with a length of 4 cm along the vein. Anatomical tweezers allocate the vein of subcutaneous tissue, bring under her two kedgotoline ligatures (Fig.), peripheral tied. Sipping it, scissors or scalpel netscout the wall of the vein and into the lumen of its type blunt needle or cannula, which is fixed in Vienna Central ligature. Then remove the harness and the cannula quickly attach system for blood transfusion or solutions. Skin wound narrowing 1-2 seams, apply a sterile dressing. At the end of the infusion needle or cannula) delete, Vienna bandage above the place of opening, thread skin joints tie, apply a pressure bandage. Sutures are removed on the 6-8th day.