Entropically - podselenie body of the abdominal cavity organs (uterus, direct, sigmoid colon) of the anterior abdominal wall in his pathological smaduamei. Most often produce entropically of the uterus. If omitted (loss) of the uterus entropically necessarily combined with plastic operations on pelvic bottom (see Colpoperineorrhaphy, Corporate). In women who underwent entropically, during subsequent pregnancy and childbirth complications may occur (abortion, hemorrhage, rupture of the uterus). This is due to the loss of physiological mobility of the uterus capacities, insufficient development of the placenta in the place of fixation of the uterus. Therefore, in women of childbearing period entropically should be combined with tubal ligation or replaced by intraspinal - suspension of the uterus to the anterior abdominal wall for a shorter round ligament, which still mobility of the uterus.