Syrovina grease

Syrovina grease (vernix caseosa) - grey-whitish greasy, sticky, thick mass, which is covered with the skin of the baby at birth. Syrovina grease protects the skin of the fetus from damage and facilitates the passage of the fetus through the birth canal during delivery. More Carovigno lubrication is on the back surface of the body, the skin on the face, ears, underarm areas, groin and neck folds. In some infants, including premature infants, Syrovina grease is poorly developed, others are excessively.
Syrovina grease consists of detached epithelial cells, fat, rich in cholesterol, glycogen, seidina. Excessive Carovigno lubrication and contamination of its blood and mucus secretions generic ways mother predispose to skin disease of the newborn. So after the birth of the baby's skin clean sterile vegetable or mineral oil, or 30% aqueous solution of soap alcohol with a soft clean cloth. In case of severe pollution of a newborn skin carefully wash water temperature 37-38 degrees and in 2-3 minutes using sterile cotton swab.