Cancer-causing substances, is too much!

If tumors are caused by chemical substances, it is necessary to carefully examine all substances that can cause them to protect people from these substances and to prevent the development of tumors. In laboratories throughout the world the work had started. Studied all sorts of natural and artificial synthesized substances. Already by 1941 the number of chemicals that can cause cancer, has reached 169; now it considerably exceeds this figure. These substances are highly diverse in its composition. These include, in addition to various synthetically derived complex organic substances, oil products, sex hormones, arsenic compounds, the stretches of tobacco and coffee. Even such harmless substances like fruit sugar and chicken protein, can cause cancer in the long their introduction into the skin of mice.
Do all these substances, so different composition and properties that may be causing tumors? And is it chemical agents? No, it has turned out that different types of radiant energy can lead to tumors. X-rays, ultraviolet rays, radium radiation and even the rays of the sun were able to cause tumors.
But how can it be? Because of x and radium-rays to treat cancer? How can you treat cancer effect that causes it? It turns out that you can, but it is only in dose. The same applies to sunlight. Of course, sunbathing on the sun is possible without any harm. But if, for example, expose rats daily hours of sunlight within 6-8 months, they get cancer of the skin. Cancer arises and after many other influences: after repeated burns, after the introduction into the tissues of some worm, after chronic ulcers and prolonged mechanical stimulation, etc.
What is common between the action on the body to sunlight, sex hormone and fruit sugar? Why are so varied in nature, composition, origin and physiological action of carcinogenic substances and exposure cause the formation of tumors, often the same tumors? And why with such huge amount of any carcinogenic substances and effects of cancer sick only a few? Why, finally, all these carcinogenic substances cause tumors in animals with frequency, it is appropriate the amount of naturally occurring their tumors in mice very often, the monkeys rarely?
When all these questions were the researchers, there was not found a clear answer.
All diseases have their reasons. For every disease there is one reason, in very few cases there can be several. But to have a single disease were many hundreds of reasons, it is unlikely!
After the introduction into an organism of carcinogenic substances are developing tumors. It is an undoubted fact. But if one thing follows another, can I always be considered that the first is the cause of the second? Slim and seemed solid building of chemical theory of tumours gave deep cracks.

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