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Can dreams to be a "prophetic"?

Perhaps the most exciting people still is the question, do dreams some information if they can predict the future, to be a "prophetic". Often from people with life experience we hear that the dream foretold and foretold happened. Such facts are. Note: I do not take omens, which is really vague. For example, an old man told me the following: "the Dreams I believe. Once long ago I was taken to court innocent. Sitting in the "cold" and I think that will happen to me. Fell asleep and then I saw a dream: I lie in a coffin, a circle of candles, brought me to the Church, burial service... And, you know, a dream in a hand - release me!" Not being strong in omens, the author of this article asked: "And what's so happy dreaming? After all, you yourself in the coffin saw". He replied,"ahh Yes, the coffin, too, had a dream, but the dream and the Church, and it is - fortunately!". So, if he was convicted, he would remember the bad element of sleep; since released, the memory remains good. Therefore, the signs will leave aside and we will have in mind only the accurate prediction. For example, dreamed: Wednesday comes Petr Petrovich, and on Wednesday he really is coming. If such facts occur with famous people, these facts get in history. Thus, M. C. Lomonosov, when he was studying in Germany, I had a dream that his father, Pomor, was killed on fishing in the time of storm. It later turned out. What about these facts? Do not deceive us, they are!
From what we have said, it is clear: in dreams POPs up only what is already in the brain, only captured on brain "film". No completely new information dreams to give not. Of course, we can't think about tomorrow, are trying to predict. Our hopes or fears can, of course, to float in a dream in the form of ready-made events. But here, we of today look in tomorrow, not Vice versa. What explains the aforementioned facts and incessant talk of "prophetic" dreams?
Facts are explained, of course, mostly matches, and conversations - improper installation, improper approach people who believe in the dreams. Let's take a simple example. Mother dreamed that sick child. Wake up, pornavalai a day or two, the child is ill, she forgot about the dream. However, children get sick often. It may be that the child is sick and in those few days. Then it will not forget about his dream, and not talk. Thousands, millions of dreams, foretelling us these or other events and nesbyvayuschiesya, we forget. The same unit that match reality (and something once in probability theory after all have to be the same!), - these facts remain in memory. If man who believes dreams, carefully recorded every morning, that they prophesied, and further examined, many things do come true, from a belief in dreams would be nothing left. This coincidence can be divided into two groups: a) possess a sufficiently high probability of occurring quite often; b) having a low probability rare.
Among the former is the example of the mother and child. Children get sick, indeed, very often, so the match, even purely accidental, has a great chance. However, amazing, truly a rare coincidence. Let me cite two facts.
One man in the late 40-ies saw in a dream that won a large sum of money on state loan. Dreamed even room bonds, which fell win. Wake up, people wrote down on one piece of paper, this room is just for fun. After a few days, took place the next edition. Appeared in the newspaper winnings table. Raising her a piece of paper and comparing the numbers, the man was dumbfounded; won this bond; he looked at himself - he has such a bond there. This fact, I heard a young specialist after the lecture, which was read by doctors. At first I was dumbfounded not less, perhaps, than the hero of this story. But then doctors thought well together and figured out. We went to the statistics. Tens of millions of people at that time gave the money to the state. Take for simplicity 10 million. It is safe to say that out of every thousand of the Noteholders too one-you probably dreamed before circulation for a week or per day, that he won. In reality it occurred on the eve: the press has no, it would be good to win money and buy new ones. Promelkom in reality, the thought among other traces day work of the brain could occur and dreaming. So, 10 thousand of bondholders before each print run could see such a dream. Meanwhile, from 10 thousand already on banking statistics have won 100 people. Therefore, among every ten million bondholders could be found if you search carefully for our vast country, a hundred people with amazement friends say: "Think how amazing dreamed - and won!" Those 9900, which won only in a dream, quickly of his dream, forget; those who won and in reality, I remember. Immediately I foresee an objection: "everything is clear, but had the number of the bonds!" Well, let us deal with this and that. The answer is simple. Because dreamed its own bond, not a stranger, not one of the millions of numbers that actually exist in nature, and one of their two or three. Of course, nobody would learn of their rooms bonds or lottery tickets. However, if you receive them it was enough to glance at the room, to trace in the brain occurred. The values for the body trace this has not, the brain and hides it on the bottom of a closet memory, but at the bottom, and the trail is still maintained. In addition, some people, not to shabby bonds rewrite their numbers and compare with table such lists. An additional opportunity to strengthen the traces. Therefore, in the fact that in sleepy brain surfaced a number to one of its bonds, nothing special. Well, that on bond fell win, this is just random luck, luck. I know a case when a person on a single lottery ticket won a car "Volga".
Another example, is even more impressive. Young Leningradka had a rest in Yalta and suddenly saw a dream: her 3-year-old son Lanka fell and cut his right eyebrow, the blood flows. Woke up, shivered a little - it was unpleasant dream. Called Leningrad, asked how things were at home. She said, "Everything's all right, just Lanka now fell and cut his right eyebrow, blood flows". When there is such a fact, it is, of course, is staggering. The same happened to my friend. Already an old man she's telling me about it, and you felt it, as they say, frost pulls at the skin. However, oddly enough, and everything here can be quite simple to understand. Let's take a million mothers whose children were in the age from one year to 4 years old when the children often fall and can anything yourself "requisite". Undoubtedly, each of the mother during this period at least once a dream that the child Fell and something injury. Dream, believe, not once, but for simplicity, let us proceed to a minimum and we will take that mothers on average this dream a dream once. Each child also during this period at least once something hurt. So, a million dreams and a million injuries, but only a thousand days (three years), when all of this could happen. At the most basic rules of statistics one thousandth part of this million, i.e. a thousand mothers, was obliged to see this kind of sleep a day of injury. Again anticipate an immediate objection skeptic: everything is clear, but dreamed right eyebrow, and not left heel! Continue reasoning. How many places on the body of a child that he can get corrupt? We will try to list: one forehead, two eyebrows, two eyes, one nose, two ears, one mouth, ten fingers, ten toes on legs... as carefully as we maintain a record of more than 50 objects such an inventory will not give. Divide 1000 50, will get 20. So, 20 mothers out of each million, i.e. one on 50 thousand, " here is a candidate for such a match. I think I hardly had time to talk with 50 thousands of women-mothers, but I was lucky to meet such a fact before. Because the same dream about the trouble with the child dream of the mother, of course, more frequently than once in three years, and children injured during this time, too, not once, the probability of such a coincidence is much higher than 20 cases per million mothers. I am even surprised that met so far only one such phenomenon. Perhaps readers will add to my collection?
Thus, the facts predictions in dreams really can be explained by coincidences and inability to comprehend. In the cases above, we face as if from a kind of lottery. Someone falls coincidence. However, the peculiarity of this lottery is that because of the psychological traits of our nature and emotional accompaniment of such facts "won" in this sleepy lottery is not aware that there are still millions of cases of discrepancies and that someone must ever be the same. Another thing conventional lottery. If you win, we are happy, but clearly understand that there are millions ticket that wins fallen.