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Prophetic dreams. Is it always only a coincidence?

Speaking about the role of coincidences, I intentionally used the word "basically". There are of course cases when on pure chance we can't tell you when the known circumstances increase the likelihood of a match. Here it is already possible to say that the dream coincided with reality due to certain objective reasons. In other words, having in dreams kind of probabilistic forecasting of future events that we face in some cases with the circumstances, several increase the level of probability that the forecast is correct and sleep coincides with reality.
The first example. The mother noticed that the child volovat, naughty, bad appetite. Thought, not ill? At night this idea appeared in the form of a ready event. Here, of course, also a coincidence. The child may not get sick. He was capricious, perhaps, simply because not received favorite candy. However, the level of probability of coincidence here is higher for two reasons. On the one hand, if the mother had the idea in reality that your child is sick, the more likely that a similar footprint day-cares'll live in a dream. On the other hand, it is possible that his mother had really notice the initial signs of the disease. Element patterns here and increases the probability of a match.
The second example. People often suffer from angina. Every time two days before his illness he sees in his dream that are sick with flu. Pass two days he was taken ill. This is repeated five times, ten. Of course, this is not a coincidence. Some of you are probably aware: the person is already suffering with flu. However, weak signals about sore throat awake to the consciousness not reach, there is no pain. In the dream fly turns into an elephant, we start to feel sore throat - us dream of angina. In the morning again there's no pain - no angina. Two days later, the disease has time enough to step forward that we are awake and aware of your painful condition. So, really, sometimes starting a disease emerges for the first time in sleep.
Is it possible to take these facts into account and, if we dream that we fell ill or someone has solubili", considered this a reality? Of course not. Thousands and thousands of such dreams, only one will be connected with the true beginning disease or arising sense, and the rest - with traces of the past. The prediction has no reliability. Of course, the level of probability of the forecast will be higher than if the case was that of purely random events, but the probability of this is still not so great, so you can use it in practice.
The third example. Before the apartment of one scientist was a decoration in the form of a glass ball. Some likhodei it broke. One scientist says the family at Breakfast: "I just dreamed that in front of our door instead of the broken month ago glass bead set to strengthen in the form of copper fir cones. Let's put this, I once saw it in the store". Hear everybody laughs. It turns out that copper cone for two days adorns the door of the apartment. Then a man come home from work, looking, but being immersed in his own thoughts, did not see the object. In such cases they say about the inherent scientists distraction, although not less than one would speak here of concentration, forcing to escape from the outside. Included in the brain under the threshold of consciousness imprint left a mark in the dream state could be detected. Apparently, such cases are not uncommon. We are sitting at work, busy with something so that distracted from the outside. The corridor ran, said to someone: "on Wednesday, comes Peter Petrovich!" We heard, but not realized. Trace in the brain penetrated - and while dreaming surfaced.
So do not be surprised if sometimes appears in a dream true information about which we know nothing. She just managed to penetrate beyond our consciousness, but in the brain printed, otherwise no dream could be or would be purely random combination of seasoned experience with a very low probability of a match.
Sometimes POPs up information that has long-established and therefore, it would seem, is firmly forgotten. The scientist who was not a nerd, I saw once in a dream, some herbs and heard clearly spoken Latin name of one of them - "asplenium ruta muralis". Asked in special books, for the plants ' names did not know and was not supposed to know. It turned out, this herb is. Only the name is slightly different - the last word is not "muralis"and "mirarium". For a long time could not understand a scientist, where did such a dream, giving him additional competence in botany. Several years passed. Once he visited his schoolmate. He showed him a herbarium, and the mystery was solved. In the herbarium had one card with own hand scientist who saw the dream, with the same name. It turned out that in his childhood he dictated by comrade signed cards in his herbariums. This fact was completely forgotten. Meanwhile, the storehouse of memory, it is still kept.
Let us come back to the case of "mother - child". Possible variant of the prognosis of a child, sibling just considered the facts. Mother not consciously noted that the child is naughty, but in his behavior were dash, in the guise were strokes, which usually accompany the onset of the disease. Busy with other things, the mother of these symptoms are seen, but not realized. In the dream the information obtained made itself felt. Perhaps something else: the signs were so weak that they could not attract the attention of the mother, and in the dream were strengthened and provided a basis for the corresponding forecast. Here is thrown bridge to the second of these examples.
In all of the cases we have one and the same group of phenomena. In the dream emerges information included in the brain and living there unknown to us. Any prediction during sleep may be due to this fact, i.e. has a chance to defend himself. However, it is only about a greater probability of an event and not a safe prediction.
The fourth example. There is a separate national signs with a known base. In the people it is believed that if dreamed long-dead parents rain - be. There is another sign: when dream meat, is to illness. We consider both the case closely.
Impressions connected with the long-dead people, belong to the old tracks. Such traces live in a deeper sleep. Meanwhile deep sleep happens before a bad weather. So, if revived old prints (not necessarily the people who died many years ago and, for example, and something of their own childhood, chances are that comes inclement weather. Of course, deep sleep may be associated not with this just man, was exhausted. Therefore, the prediction again refers to probabilistic forecasting, but the confidence level is somewhat higher than in the absence of such dreams.
Now for the meat. In the old days, when there were no refrigerators, and people lived in caves and were better tempered, than now, the main cause of diseases was stale food - first of all, rotten meat. In the minds of people firmly rooted relationship eaten meat with illness. If you feel unwell so often dreamed of meat. It could appear and when the disease is still in its infancy and in reality he still feels good. Here the conditions predictions are the same as in the above case with angina. Not from a dream about meat comes a disease, but from already begun disease comes dream about meat. People also knew from the stories of others that when illness dream of meat. Began to act suggestion, and when emerging malaise "to order" appeared programmed in this case the dream.
Apparently, you can find some other signs that have known the natural element of the forecast, but they never have the reliability, which would seriously rely on them.
The fifth example. Has indisputable value, and the element of auto-suggestion, but in other sense, than only that was mentioned. Suppose you dream that you fell, hurt. To dream that you had given value. With fear doing each step, you are afraid to stumble. You need, say, to go on a log through the ditch. Under normal conditions, this is not work for you. Now you tremble from fear, anxiety, and, of course, easier can lose your balance. There is a full analogy with a black cat ran across the road. If such a meeting have made up, you involuntarily every minor setback, which normally wouldn't associate with a bad sign all are major setbacks. And if you are, then you can do anything to provoke the clumsy actions or inappropriate words.