Veterinary - sanitary supervision

Veterinary-sanitary supervision system of state measures on protection of animals from infectious diseases and protection of the population from diseases transmitted from animals to humans (zoonoses).
Veterinary-sanitary supervision of Russia is carried out in respect of animals and products of animal origin in the following cases: export and import; at transportation by different transport routes; meat processing plants, abattoirs and other food industry enterprises; on the markets; in factories and warehouses in the processing and disinfection of animal raw materials. At the disposal of the bodies of veterinary-sanitary inspection has a network of laboratories involved in the study of animal raw material and diagnostics of infectious diseases in animals. Disinfection of infectious material, as well as premises, equipment, etc. is different veterinary-sanitary institutions.
In slaughterhouses forbidden to slaughter animals for meat, patients anthrax, emphysematous carbuncle, low glanders, the plague of cattle, rabies, malignant swelling, bradsot, tularemia, botulism and some other diseases. Every carcass, hold slaughter and meat, has the mark of veterinary - sanitary supervision (see Meat-packing plant).
In the markets of veterinary-sanitary supervision exercised by the meat-dairy and food control stations (see). They have the right to detain for processing of meat or offal recognized conditionally suitable. Meat recognized unfit, rejected and sent to utilisant. Sale reclaiming and substandard meat and meat products in markets prohibited. Milk, meat and other animal products from disadvantaged by brucellosis farms are specially treated, and only then permitted on sale. In households where the registered FMD, set the quarantine and prohibits the export of all products of animal origin.
Veterinary-sanitary inspection when transporting animals has the objective to prevent the spread of disease from animals transported on local cattle. At occurrence of infectious diseases of animals are under quarantine. Veterinary-sanitary supervision of exported and imported animals and animal products carry out veterinary control border crossings.
Management and control over the organization of veterinary - sanitary supervision rests with the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.