The vibrotherapy

Vibrotherapy is the use of vibration in the medical purposes. Action vibro-therapy is increased circulation, metabolism and stimulation of neurotrophic functions.
The vibrotherapy applied mainly in the form of vibration massage (see) in the treatment of neuritis, neuralgia solar plexus, constipation, hemorrhoids, weakening of the sphincter, rectum, bone fractures, aseptic inflammation in the joints and muscles, gynecological diseases, as well as some inflammatory diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. The vibrotherapy is applied with the fingers or wrists and special devices for vibration (Fig. ).
The device is connected to power supply AC: it is equipped with nozzles of various forms and destination; applied to the body, they cause the tissue vibration. The vibrotherapy is contraindicated in acute purulent inflammatory processes, declining food, tumors.