Guelder-rose ordinary

Cranberry tree (Viburnum opulus L.) is a wild plant. Contains glycosides, tannins and other Liquid extract (20-30 drops 2-3 times a day) or broth of a bark (10 : 200, 1 tablespoon 3 times a day) take uterine bleeding, as well as for painful menstruation.
guelder-rose ordinary

Fig. 28. Cranberry tree (right - fruit).

Beautiful cranberry tree and spring, covered with flat white with blossoms, and in late summer, when the branches are bent under the weight of large brushes flaming berries among the foliage. Elegant Kalina and useful. Vitamin C, for example, in its fruits in one and a half times more than in oranges, lemons, tangerines, and the content of iron is in line with rosehip, bilberries, stone berries - these top hematopoietic means of our wild and cultivated fruits.
Fresh fruit extract from them and juice, drugs from the bark of a guelder rose, the infusion of flowers - all healing. Since olden times people used the fruits viburnum for medicinal purposes. Fruit juice accept for colds, cough, hoarseness (in the form of heat) and bronchial asthma, pain in the heart area, disorders of metabolism.
In medicine drugs from the bark of a guelder rose used as a good astringent, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory. The fruits viburnum appointed as a restorative, nervousness, skin diseases, hypertensive disease, for improvement of work of the intestine.
Dilute Kalin can offspring, cuttings, seeds. Seeds are sown under winter. Growing Kalina on any ground, but loves moisture. Bears fruit abundantly. Bitterness in the fruit disappears after cooking or touches them when frost.