Thymus gland

the thymus gland (thymus)the Thymus gland (synonym: thymus, goiter iron) - glandular organ of internal secretion. The thymus gland leading role in the development of immunity.
The thymus gland is located in the anterior mediastinum between the breastbone and the trachea, consists of two lobes. The share of thymus tissue partitions are divided into small slices. Cloves built of cells, which are connected one with the other processes that make up the network. In the network loops are lymphocytes (thymocytes). Clove distinguish cerebral cortical substance. In the medulla little lymphocytes, there are round-the bullock of Kassala. In the cortical substance reticular network densely populated by lymphocytes.
In early childhood thymus gland consists only of lymphoepithelial tissue. As growth in the thymus gland develops adipose tissue, gradually replacing lymphoepithelial. To old age lymphoepithelial tissue remains in the form of tiny islets (age involution, or reverse development).
In healthy infants thymus gland large and shadow can be seen with x-ray of the chest. In severe and prolonged illness, exhaustion, irradiation by x-rays, in the treatment of corticosteroid the thymus gland in children decreases rapidly and falls in weight due to loss of lymphocytes. Upon recovery of the thymus gland is quickly restored.
Pathology. Occasionally in children of the first months of life there are massive fatal bleeding of unknown origin in the tissue of the thymus gland. Inflammation of the thymus gland is rare, more often in the thymus gland is celebrated excessive growth of the lymphoid tissue (see Status thymicolymphaticus) and tumors, which can compress the top Vena cava and the trachea. This leads to swelling and enlargement of the veins of the face, neck and upper limbs, and rough breathing. Sometimes by tumors of the thymus gland develops male (see). To benign tumors of the thymus gland are angioma, lipoma and other Malignant tumors of the thymus gland (thymoma and others) are found mainly in the elderly; they may invade the pericardium, the pleura, rarely metastasize (mainly in the lymph nodes, lungs).
In childhood are more frequent tumor grows, the thymus gland with leukaemia (see).
The surgical treatment of tumors.