Botryotherapy (ampelotherapy) - use with the medical purpose grapes or grape juice. Botryotherapy usually combined with diet therapy and climatic recovery seaside resorts of the South of the former USSR, the Caucasus, in the Moldavian SSR and Central Asia. For vinogradishte use sweet grapes with a thin skin. The curative effect of grapes is explained by high content of sugar, minerals and vitamins. Under the influence of vinogradishte improves metabolism, increases diuresis, normal secretory function of the stomach. Before you start botryotherapy, sanitize your mouth. During the course of vinogradishte (about a month) number of grapes with 500-750 g gradually increase up to 2 kg per day, and in the case of treatment of grape juice - increase the amount of juice with 300 - 400 g up to 1200, one Third or to one-half) of the day portion eat in the morning on an empty stomach, the rest in equal installments during the day and evening (for 1,5-2 hours before meals). Grapes are eaten without skin, after eating rinse mouth. When vinogradarey should avoid fatty, salty foods, milk, yogurt and raw vegetables.
Indications: the decline of the power supply, the secondary anaemia, chronic disease of liver, biliary tract, chronic inflammation of the kidneys, urinary tract, gout, initial stage of tuberculosis.
Contraindications: diabetes, obesity, chronic colitis, the phosphaturia, heart disease and kidney presence of edema.