splashnotes visceroptosis
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1 - body; 2 - purchased.

Splashnotes (synonym visceroptosis) - the omission of the abdominal cavity.
General splashnotes is constitutional and acquired (Fig). Constitutional splashnotes can be observed in persons adynamic body due to the inherent weakness of ligaments and mesentery, fixing bodies to the back of the abdominal wall to fall, and the abdomen becomes flabby. Purchased splashnotes y nagaragawa women due to the stretching and loosening the muscles of the abdominal and pelvic and the sudden weight loss. Symptoms in both forms of General splashnotes - nausea, feeling of heaviness and pain in the abdomen, which is explained by the tension of a mesentery in a vertical position. These symptoms disappear in a horizontal position, or while wearing the brace. Sometimes there are phenomena of a General nature: dizziness, palpitations, fatigue.
The clinical picture of splashnotes may dominate the symptoms of prolapse of separate organs of the abdominal cavity (e.g., stomach, liver, and so on).
A fallen stomach - see the Stomach.
Usually there is an omission of certain departments of the colon with different clinical manifestations.
The omission of the caecum is rarely observed, accompanied by constipation, periodic bloating and feeling of fullness in the right iliac region. Extremely mobile blind intestine it stagnant fecal matter, frequent attacks of pain, reminiscent of an attack of appendicitis, sometimes intestinal obstruction due to bending and twisting the cecum.
The omission of the transverse colon develops as a result of lengthening and large width its mesentery. The position of the ulcer looks like the letter "M". Clinically this condition is expressed in attacks intestinal colic, sometimes you may inversion transverse colon with symptoms of obstruction.
Omission of hepatic or splenic flexure of the colon leading to stagnation intestinal contents in ascending or transverse colon, this creates conditions for the development of periclita. The omission of the sigmoid colon causes of constipation, sigmoidit, pain, occasional diarrhea with the release of a large amount of mucus. Long sigmoid colon can be twisted, accompanied by swelling of the colon, stomach and fever. Sometimes there is a complete inversion of the sigmoid colon.
Nephroptosis - see Kidneys.
If omitted, the liver stronger lowered its front edge, because its back surface quite firmly fixed to the back of the abdominal wall and the inferior Vena cava; FWD its edge is usually directed backwards and difficult is palpated. The omission of the liver can appear dull pain in the right hypochondrium, and because of an excess of bile ducts to predispose to the stagnation of bile in a bubble. In rare cases, when expressed in omission of the liver observe episodes of biliary colic.
The omission of the spleen - see Spleen.
Prolapse of the uterus and vagina - see Prolapsed uterus, vagina.
Diagnosis of splashnotes is established on the basis of clinical and radiological findings.
Treatment. When expressed General splanchnopathies shown wearing the brace (see). Appoint restorative treatment: medical gymnastics, water procedures, sometimes Spa treatment. Depleted patients shown diet to restore the normal weight. With a sharp lowering of one body, resulting in the obstruction or other abrupt breakdown of its functions, as well as the emergence of adhesions and other conduct surgical treatment.
Prevention of splashnotes is a balanced diet in order to avoid drastic weight loss and regular exercise, physical therapy. Women during pregnancy is shown wearing a bandage after birth - exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles.