The hanging drop

preparation of the hanging dropHanging drop - method microscopy of living bacteria under physiological conditions of growth; allows many days to observe the object. For preparation drops hanging take the tweezers integumentary glass, put through the fire and cooled. In the center of the glass put a drop of the investigated material suspended in izotonicescom solution of sodium chloride. Then integumentary glass quickly turn a drop down and put on sterile glass slide with grinded in the middle of the hole, the edge of which pre-lubricated with vaseline. You can place the scanner glass on top and flip: a drop is hanging in hermetically isolated space (Fig.). At low magnification and pinched aperture microscope find the edge drops further explore the drug at a higher. To limit the mobility of microorganisms, instead of isotonic solution of sodium chloride used melted and cooled to a temperature of 45° agar.