The nutritional value of medicinal plants

Today, the existence of vitamins know everything. Humans and animals throughout life needs to replenish their stock. Hence, the power must always be food, containing vitamins.
The fruit is a necessary product, depends on the health and work capacity of people. Interestingly, Indian doctors have always believed that various fruits are not only healthy food, but also effective drugs. Agrees with the British, have even saying this is: "a day for Apple and the doctor is unimportant." But Hindus necessarily would have corrected them: only in the morning, only Mature and not one, but three or four.
In modern medicine apples are widely used for therapeutic feeding.
All know that fruits and berries contain a whole set of vitamins a, of all kinds, C, E, PP. Useful their sugars - with fructose and glucose, and also organic acids, mainly Apple and lemon. Trace elements that the body needs, also give us different results.
But there is in berries and fruits such substances that make them indispensable. In cell walls (shells), and the juice contains pectin, which although not completely digested and not absorbed by the body, however, the value are paramount.
Recent research has shown exceptional value of pectins for an organism. If he is less than some of its importance, it is only the chlorophyll - this is indispensable raw material for the production of hemoglobin in the body.
It pectin protects the body from high radiation, has beneficial effects on intracellular reactions of metabolism, increases resistance to allergic factors, normalizes the amount of cholesterol in the blood, collects toxic substances, destroys and removes them from the body, which in inflammatory bowel disease is formed very much.
Each plant is valuable for its sometimes unique set of physiologically important substances. Some wild plants are not only equal in their cultural relatives, but often exceed them.
Medicinal plants can be grown in gardens. It is useful to create near schools berry landing, and where and plantations of wild rose, hawthorn, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, viburnum.