Vitamin E

Vitamin E (Vitaminum E) inhibits the metabolism of proteins, nucleic acids, steroids, protects various substances in the body from oxidative changes. Entitled "vitamin E" is the number of substances (tocopherol), contained mainly in vegetable oils (corn, peanut, sea-buckthorn, and others). The most active alpha-tocopherol, obtained synthetically (alpha-tocopherol acetate). Apply vitamin E with muscular dystrophy, a number of nervous diseases. It is also effective in inflammatory and dystrophic changes in the retina of the eye, with psoriasis and ulcerative skin diseases, chronic lupus erythematosus. Vitamin E is prescribed concurrently with vitamin A.
Reception inside issued vitamin E oil (appointed 1 teaspoon 2 times a day)for intramuscular injection - 5, 10 and 30% of oil solutions of alpha-tocopherol acetate. Cm. also Vitamins.

One of the signs of the E-beriberi is a violation of the processes, connected with the reproduction of animals. Vitamin E is formed in plants and in large quantities is contained within the embryo of wheat, rice, oats, soybeans, and all the green parts of plants. A lot of vitamin E in some vegetable oils, especially in oil from wheat germ, soya and palm oil.
Scientists were able to isolate vitamin E in its pure form. It is called tocopherol. The human need for vitamin E is uncertain, but judging by some estimates, it ranges from 10 to 30 milligrams per day.
Lack of vitamin E in females does not prevent pregnancy. However, in the future, there are delays in the development of the fetus, possible resolution of the fetus and placenta (infant beds)spontaneous abortion. The latter are often observed in cows, sick of brucellosis. Vitamin E has been able to reduce such abortions from 35 to 2 percent. Offspring E-avitaminozah females few viable. The offspring were observed convulsions, paralysis of the legs; a significant part of the crop is destroyed in the first days after birth.
Males have a deficiency of vitamin E affects the sperm that lose mobility and become irregular shape. Changes are themselves seminal glands, which at E-avitaminosis lose the ability to formation of sex cells. The changes arising from E-avitaminosis males, unlike females are irreversible, then there cannot be cured.
Vitamin E is also related to many other processes occurring in humans and animals. In the absence of vitamin E in animals is developing a number of changes in the muscles and the nervous system, reminiscent of muscular dystrophy in humans.
The possibility of developing E deficiency in humans has not been established, however, vitamin E have a beneficial effect on women with spontaneous abortion. At their introduction pregnancy these women developed normally, and delivery ended with the birth of a normal child. Vitamin E is also used for treatment of diseases of the muscles.
Its chemical properties vitamin E has the ability to protect fats from oxidation, making it finds wide application in food industry.