Flavouring substances - the group of vegetable or synthetic products used to improve the taste of food. Flavouring substances have no nutritional value, but can promote the improvement of the appetite, increases the allocation of digestive juices, and so on
To flavouring substances include spices, food acids (mainly lemon and vinegar), flavors (vanilla, vanilla, aromatic essences), salt (see) and other
From spices are widely used pepper, Bay leaf, mustard. The basis for preparation of mustard powder is cake mustard seed. Mustard powder should contain moisture not more than 10% . Pepper is used red, black, sweet - beans and ground. Permissible humidity pepper is not above 12% (for red - 11%). Bay leaf - dried leaves noble laurels. The smell and taste should correspond to this type of spices. Not allowed stale, musty or other smell.