Academician Century Zuev: "Without skis, without running't live"

Tall, sporty, gaunt man, gray-haired, quiet, light-gray eyes looking very closely, handshake strong - academician Vladimir Evseevich Zuev. Director of the Institute of atmospheric optics, Tomsk branch of the Siberian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences invited me to sit down at the huge, very beautiful round table, looked at the clock:
Forty minutes are enough for us?
- Thank you. I was hoping for thirty.
About academician Zuev me in Tomsk spoke again. And in the regional party Committee, and sports Committee, when we talked about mass ski competitions, called proudly the name of that person:
- Academician Zuev participates in all our competitions!
And they also said that, wherever he went - and have to travel to the scientist a lot, be it new York or new Delhi,he always takes with him running shoes, sports clothes and always running in the morning.
Not going to list all the posts, which is in good dozen institutions academician Zuev. But one of the honorary duties of academician to call you. Vladimir Evseevich Zuev - Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of three convocations.
- Wednesday night arrived from Delhi to Moscow. On Thursday arrived in Tomsk. And on Saturday morning he took part in ski competitions institutional leaders - began our conversation Vladimir Evseevich.- We are quite popular competitions, as we say, "quadrangles" - Director, Secretary of the party Committee, Secretary of the Komsomol organization, the Chairman of the trade Union organization. I said, "Who will run for the Director?" He Answered: "The Director".
Came second to the rector of the medical Institute Medvedev. He is a master of sports in ski. My goal was not to tear more than 5 minutes. The gap was 2 minutes.
- Your work day, if on average?
- After nine in the morning don't come to work, and before nine p.m not leaving. Plus you have to take home for the file folder.
- I have asked this question, Vladimir Evseevich that you can devote your time to exercise when such a strict budget time?
- Daily run 6-10 miles. In addition, doing physical exercises, to how to stretch the lower back,is the best remedy for sciatica. Every Saturday and every Sunday skiers two or three hours. "Twenty, "thirty"- on speed. I am a supporter of fundamental physical loads.
- How do you monitor the health status, whether referring to doctors?
- My main barometer - being. Doctors try not to go, I don't think they understand the importance of maximum loads. My ideal - Nikolai Amosov, and He knows not how I owe him. The fact that ten or fifteen years ago, when I defended doctoral thesis, somewhat slowed their load. Yes and houses close urged me, "Not the boy already, it shouldn't be so pace yourself..." I have listened to... But, fortunately, in time caught me then article Amosov, where he urged: "do Not be afraid to push yourself up a sweat!" I solemnly read out article house wife and again increased load up to the maximum. Now can proudly say: run to the fifth floor through the step, as in his student years,and there is no shortness of breath!
- Vladimir Evseevich, do you have supporters among the home?
His wife is difficult for me to keep up, her foot on the front was damaged, but it makes me long walks. As to myself, I'm sometimes up to 40-50 km.
- How to limitations in the diet?
- I am not an ascetic. Do not use only refined sugar. The rest is possible. Do not exclude alcohol, but very sparingly, do Not smoke. My philosophy is this: don't make resolutions.
- As is the case with physical training and sports in your Institute, do you follow it?
- Certainly. Himself organize competitions, involved myself.
- You have a good team?
- Good. And in the Institute of a good team. The second year we occupied the first place in the city for physical culture and sport among related institutions. But I must say that I will never take a person because of his performance. In my head never have arisen if such a thing! In my opinion, this is absurdity. No, all our sporting success is due to our passion in your spare time. We workers academic institution, not athletes.
Here come join us in the fall, will see our ski stadium. Already piles scored. This is not just a ski stadium, it will be a place where people can relax, drink tea, chat. By the way, we build ourselves, the state has nothing to take. In our Olympics involves people of all ages: from three year olds employees to war veterans and labour, for which I always oppose.
Conversation was conducted by Y. Vasiliev