Infusion - the introduction of the solution into a vein, artery, subcutaneous tissue, pleural or abdominal cavity, bronchi, joint, bone with therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. The infusion indicate the introduction of relatively large amounts of fluids, unlike injections (see). Introduction in a vein or artery liquid can be jet and drip.
Indications: 1) the need fast, bypassing the digestive canal, receipt of medicinal substances in an organism; 2) the need to eliminate the lack of water in the body (diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding); 3) the presence of high concentrations of toxins in the blood (heavy infections, poisoning), and other
Subcutaneous injections are produced in the front outer surface of the thigh (Fig. 1 and 2), and rarely in the subcutaneous tissue of the abdominal wall. For the injection of fluids used Bobrov's apparatus (see Bobrov's apparatus) or a large crater in the form of capsules 250-300 ml to which attach the rubber tubes with a total length of 1 to 2 m with a diameter of 5 mm, the United control glass tube. Needle for injection - significant caliber with aliviarse coupling for easy connection with the tube. A funnel and a system of pipes pre-sterilized (see Sterilization), then fill sterile heated to £9 38 - 392 solution. Before injection system free from air bubbles. Before the introduction of a needle into the subcutaneous tissue of the skin at the site of the proposed injection is disinfected with alcohol or iodine tincture. You cannot enter the needle too far, as the solution may be subject to wide the fascia of the thigh and call it necrosis. The liquid is injected slowly, resulting in infusion swelling gently massaged. Once imposed 300-500 ml. For infusion under the skin of significant quantities of liquid (up to 1 l and more) using pre-sterilized Bobrov's apparatus. Before the introduction of the needle cylinder, forcing the air, compresses to remove all the air from the system for infusion and that of needles seemed liquid. In infusion apparatus, standing on the nightstand next to the patient, putting a hot water bottle with warm water, the liquid in it does not cool. The needle is administered and supported by the right hand, left hand pump air from the tank all the time before the end of infusion, to the current fluid was continuous. Duration of infusion 30-40 minutes After injection remove the needle and the injection needle grease alcohol solution of iodine and cover with gauze.
Intravenous infusions produced in Vienna elbow bend of venipuncture (see). Sometimes you have to resort to venesection (see). Before intravenous infusion should remove air bubbles in the syringe. Once the needle is in the vein and nurse on the appearance of blood in the syringe was convinced that the needle entered correctly, you should dissolve harness and drug slowly to enter into a vein. If around the injection site swelling appears, discontinue the infusion, as this is a sign that the needle is not named in the lumen of Vienna and the liquid flows in the subcutaneous tissue.
The drip method in subcutaneous (Fig. 1) and intravenous (Fig. 3) the infusion is used for long-term administration of the solution. Drip infusion made from mugs esmarkha or a large crater in the form of capsules, mounted on a tripod. To them attach system, which consists of three rubber tubes with the length of 20, 30 and 20 cm, control glass tubes and IVS. The cannula for the needle attached to short end of the tube. Dropper allows precise rate of infusion (40-60 drops per 1 min). The system comes with a clip Mora, you can shrink tube, accelerate or slow down the process of infusion fluid. Mug (funnel) and a system of tubes sterilized in autoclave or by boiling distilled water.
Drip infusion fluids requires considerable time, so the patient should be created convenient position, the extremity is fixed on a soft pad, the needle or cannula strengthen the skin sticky patch.
The injected solution continuously warmed up. Intravenous drip way on the testimony enter: aminophylline, mezaton, simpaty, norepinephrine, steroid hormones (hydrocortisone), strofantin, krovezamenitel solutions, protein hydrolysates; subcutaneous izotonicescom solution of glucose or sodium chloride.
Inside the bone infusion drip method produced in the upper tibial metaphysis. After local anesthesia needle with mandrel injected with the medial side of the bone 2-3 cm below the top of the patella to a depth of 2 cm (for example, in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis).

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