The influence of alcoholism parents on postnatal development of the child

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Initial manifestations break option patoharakterologicheskih personality formation at children of younger school age expressed in increased fear, shyness, moreobsolete, fears for the health of the mother, the teenagers - in terms of alarming suspiciousness, indecision, high sensitivity, and the inclination to reactions passive protest (leaving home, situational statements).
In the structure of the mixed variant patoharakterologicheskih of formation of the personality traits of corrosivity combined with a tendency to reactions of protest and hypercompensation characteristic affective-excitable or unstable version (cruelty to those who are in their presence laughs at parents, the character of parents with children from wealthy families).
The ratio of different variants patoharakterologicheskih personal development largely depends on the "soil" with different character of the family family history of alcoholism. So, in children with unstable option patoharakterologicheskih formation of families in which both parents are suffering from chronic alcoholism, noted the features of mental and physical infantilism, easy delay of mental development, serebrjanicheskaja failure. When we braking version patoharakterologicheskih identity formation predvolene children were accompanied by some physical debility. It can be assumed that predvolene in children of this group is the result of the influence of alcoholism parents (most likely the mother) as a biological factor. If alcoholism is suffering only the father, in children with a break option patoharakterologicheskih of formation of the personality of any special features "soil" is not defined. Most of them were the only children in the family. We can assume that this circumstance, as well as healthy premorbid contribute to a more subtle, diversified experience of children and adolescents alcoholism father and lead to the formation of primarily the brake features in the pathology character.
Dynamic study of children and adolescents with initial signs patoharakterologicheskih personal development with a specific dependence of clinical symptoms last from a micro-social conditions. With the termination of the effect of alcoholism parents (parents ' death, the placement of children in state institutions, care of a family death or recovery of the father) dynamics of pathological formations of different personality. When affective-excitable and unstable version of the inverse dynamics pronounced break when children become more active, sociable. Otherwise manifestations of pathological personality formation become more pronounced and stable. They are enhanced features microsocial-pedagogical neglect with a tendency to antisocial behaviours.
These studies confirm the role of alcoholism parents as pathogenetic factor of the environment in the emergence and development of pathological formations of the personality of children and adolescents, refer to specific sustainability pathology their nature, if both parents are suffering from chronic alcoholism.
The results of studies emphasize the need for prevention of pathological personal development of children at early stages of alcoholism parents.