Evaluation of complex influence of meteorological conditions on the body

Temperature, humidity, air movement, thermal radiation have combined (integrated) impact on human health, reducing or increasing the heat of his body.
It is established experimentally that you can select different combinations of temperature, humidity and movement of air in which the person experiences the same teploobmena. For example, the same teploobmena, the person will be under the following conditions:

Temperature (OC) Relative humidity (%) The air speed (m/s)

The same thermal sensation under different meteorological factors expressed in degrees temperature of still air at 100% relative humidity. In this example, the temperature is equal to 17.7 degrees.
It is established that the feeling of thermal comfort for persons in plain clothes at rest or perform light work, occurs at a temperature within 17,2-of 21.7 degrees.
The most favorable combination of temperature, humidity and speed of movement of air, causing the thermal equilibrium state of the organism, called a comfort zone.
For hygienic assessment of air quality, in addition to temperature, relative humidity and speed of air movement, you should consider the cardiovascular reactions, gas exchange and other
When deciding on comfort meteorological conditions is the importance of finding teploobmena on a scale of subjective sensations with the following gradation: cold, cool, good, warm, hot.