The effect of alcohol on fetus

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Even in ancient times people have noticed that drunkards children are born with certain physical and mental disabilities. Hippocrates stated that such diseases as idiocy, epilepsy is a result of the use of wine a day of conception. "His father was drunk when a mother is -- has conceived," said the Greek philosopher Diogenes saw idiot child. Probably thousands cruel lessons taught the nature of man before he caught the relationship between conception drunk and the subsequent birth of a stillborn child or a monster.
The analysis of the literature of the recent years shows that alcohol intoxication parents affects posterity, through the impact on the sex cells, the developing fetus, and also for the development of the body after birth (Popova E. N., 1983).
Providing multilateral negative effect on the body, alcohol most strongly affects the brain, sex glands, germ cells, causing them to poisoning and rebirth. In men with long-term alcohol is marked insufficiency of spermatogenesis, which is expressed in the defeat of the sex glands and defective products germ cells, they give rise to defective children.
Parents who abuse alcohol, pass by inheritance to the children of the natural, biological inferiority, weakness, poor certain parts of the Central nervous system, increased susceptibility to a variety of adverse effects. Alcohol impairs subtle biochemical structure of germ cells, so its harmful effects can occur through generations (Grabbe Yu. A., 1974).
After drinking parents in an hour he was found in the seed of men and ovaries in women. C. I. Bodyagina, (1966), K. A. Semenov (1968) indicate that the conception, committed in a state of intoxication, subsequently contributes to the development of the newborn asphyxia, which can cause paralysis, epilepsy, and idiocy.
According to S. I. Galperin (1965), half of the surveyed 1000 mentally retarded children alcoholics were fathers, 7 - mother, and about 6 - conceived in a drunken state.
A baby's health is largely determined by the conditions of formation of reproductive cells mother and father, and further it, as it takes prenatal development and does birth. Modern research has shown that alcohol is the most toxic of all known poisons against human embryo. It affects the prenatal development of the body and the health of the child.
About the reasons of women's alcoholism consensus does not exist. Many authors believe that it was caused by the same factors as the men. According to some, it occurs due to a change in the social conditions of women, the increased loads on the emotional and mental spheres, as well as dissatisfaction with life. A. A. Deniskina (1974) writes that the ratio of male and female alcoholism is 1:2. Very often the woman begins to drink with her husband, "for the sake of the family or as a result of poorly developed family relationships. For female alcoholism more malignant hard to treat, as women, hiding the disease, too late to seek help.
Many women suffering from alcoholism, violated the course and outcome of pregnancy, there is an embryo resorption, miscarriages and premature births, the birth of children with smaller mass and so on (Kudrin, A. N., Skakun N. P., 1982).