The directional influence of nutrition on health indicators

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It is known that meat and meat products are products that are more difficult to access the influence of enzymes, than, for example, fish, cheese. Legumes, particularly soya, not only difficult to influence of enzymes, but poorly digested. An important place in the diet of older people should take a raw food, especially plant, but if it is preparing to consider developing with age, the weakness of the masticatory apparatus (Yu. G. Grigorov, L. L. blue-eyed, 1971).
It is necessary to observe the famous recommendations for conservation of aromatic substances and vitamins in food.
Daily set of key products we have developed optimal diet are presented in table. 21, and its chemical composition is given in tab. 22.
Seven-day menus-pickup we repeated and several changed only depending on seasonal fluctuations of consumption of various products. In the weekly set of products the main place was occupied by vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, honey, meat low-fat varieties. Animal fats (butter), eggs, herring, cereals, sugar we strictly limited, but it is not excluded completely from the diet. The structure of the diet of most fully ensured the body of elderly people is indispensable factors feeding. The ratio in the diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates was 1:0,9, with 3.3. Proteins provided by 14.6%, fats - 29,4%, carbohydrates - 56.9% of daily calorie intake.
The share of animal protein from all of their number was 57%, vegetable fats - 36%. In General the comparison of the chemical composition optimal diet with a balanced formula of power suggests that it is consistent with the basic principles of gorodiatichi. However, the concept of optimal food ration at this stage of development of food hygiene and gorodiatichi should be considered a relative, since only on the basis of the deepening of research of characteristics of an aging organism and clinical testing of a specific diet can finally resolve the issue of the degree of optimality. Developing targeted diets, calling it optimal to judge the optimum it or not, is possible only in the study of health outcomes. The study of influence of diet on the health indicators of older people was aimed to assess changes in the body's overall health, some metabolic and functional shifts from them during the change of power. With this purpose 58 older people with physiological ageing were translated from home power (table. 23) on "optimal diet".
At admission to the hospital of the Institute of gerontology of AMS of the USSR, the majority of older people complained of General weakness, fatigue, reduced working capacity, headache, insomnia , etc. To the end of studies (30-35 day) in virtually all significantly improved the subjective condition, the degree of change which was estimated according to a special scheme, developed in the Institute (PL. 24).