The directional influence of nutrition on health indicators

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There was a significant improvement of General condition, increase efficiency, reduce fatigue, normalization of individual physiological items, etc. by the time the statements were also the disappearance of pain on palpation of different departments of the abdominal cavity, a significant reduction in body mass, and so on (for example, 39 people, it declined by 2.4 and 5.6 kg, and 19 remained virtually unchanged). Positive changes in the state of lipid exchange. Changes in the General condition of the study, the changes in the indicators of lipid and partly protein metabolism, prompted us to study the functional state of their cardiovascular system. The data obtained are presented in table. 25. It turned out that under the influence of diet somewhat" improved chronotropic action of the heart. There was an improvement bioelectric processes in the myocardium. So, the magnitude of the electric systole increased by 8,6%. the surveyed, while 65,5%, this indicator has decreased. Accordingly decreased and the difference between actual and should the value of the electric systole. Marked decrease heart rate and a decrease in the electric systole caused the reduction of systolic rate at 50% of the surveyed. In 39.6% of cases increased amplitude of teeth T on the ECG. Changes in ECG give reason to judge about the positive impact of directional food ration on metabolic processes in myocardium. Blood pressure was almost unchanged. Not set deviations from the physiological norm, and in the formula blood.
In the parallel research by other authors in the individuals under study groups were determined the parameters characterizing the state of secretory and motor function of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney, security body thiamine, Riboflavin and some other health indicators (C. I. Molotkov, 1968; that is, Kalinouski, 1972; D. M. Yakimenko, A. N. Kotko, 1971, and others). The received data testify about the positive impact of developed the "optimal" food ration on the body of elderly people in conditions of gerontological hospital. Directed diet advantageously differed from power surveyed older people within the family. It included a different set of products, 20% was reduced energy value of food, and on 30,3%-fat and 10.8% of carbohydrates. There were more rationally balanced almost all essential factors of power, whereas actual nutritional value, for example, proteins, fats and carbohydrates was 1:1,34:equal to 4.97. Nutrients provided at the expense of proteins 11%, fat - 34% of the daily calorie intake. The share of animal protein from all of their number was 46.6%, vegetable fats - 28,7%, which is very far from the requirements of gorodiatichi. It should be noted that a positive result is obtained in the hospital only for 30-35 days of observation. Based on this, we cannot determine the degree of optimality and to insist on the adequacy of its adaptive capacity of the body, in this age period. Yet the use of the diet, it is advisable to practice gorodiatichi.
Analyzing some of metabolic and functional changes in the body of elderly people when translating from one diet to another, we consider it possible to recognize those provisions, which were outlined during the consideration of previous research results.
As we have noted, the problem of development of "healthy diet" for older people is one of the Central problems in modern nutritional health. On the basis of General biological preconditions, it should be considered that the content of protein in the diet of people of all ages should be unequal. This is consistent with the views on the essence of aging, driven primarily changes in the genetic apparatus and in the intensity of protein biosynthesis (A. Century Nagorno and others, 1963; E. C. Larina, 1967; B. N. Nikitin, 1969 and others). That's why the amount of protein in the diet of older people should be biologically adequate intensity of processes of self-renewal of protein in their body. At the same time with age decreases the rate of self-renewal of tissues, hormones, enzymes, adopted protein is sometimes not fully used by the body, with the deepening of old age the process of protein breakdown prevails over their synthesis.