Love or love?

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The feeling of love is usually not sustainable in early adolescence. Boys and girls often gradually lose interest in her ideal, find another. As a rule, this transition is not associated with painful experience. Especially it concerns moving, funny, not serious enough guys with features sanguine temperament. They, as a rule, without receiving a proper education, are scattered all over - and in the choice of profession, and in fulfillment of obligations, and even feelings. They are in love many times and each encounter tend to say, "This is my first time, so I never had it. I strongly in love". This opinion could lead to worse. Going on about their interests and needs, with the insufficient development of the will, young people are often not met the beautiful innocent meetings, and rush to get closer to the object of his adoration. Of course, quickly emerged, the feeling of being in love and can quickly fade away. It is said: "...he who quickly burning, that cools suddenly". No sooner had the young people to understand each other, and only the senses-and no, and even physical intimacy lost their charm. Someone someone tired. Parted. If both were similar in temperament people, the reaction to the parting was about the same: "I thought that I will love (!?) her (its) long! Yes something bored all. And who is to blame?" Indeed, who is to blame for what happened? Obviously, first of all, the vulgarity, immorality, the habit to slide easily through life. Think about it, is there not among your close friends such people? And you, of course, you see: hardly any of them happy really. "Ever he is in love with someone, ever sighs, and happiness simple, human, durable and has not experienced..." is usually said about such.
Quickly vlyublyaysya, surface around, thoughtless people can meet and completely different person. Imagine that this other person is melancholic temperament is a reserved, suspicious, with subtle emotional experiences, secretive, self-absorbed. Met two of them in General very different young creature. Fell in love. One is the feeling passed as a light breeze, and the other has not passed also caused a real spiritual trauma: "How is it,repeats, sweetheart, heart, thin your feelings girl... " He was so in love with me, so in love! It is first and touch me afraid, would not. Goddess called! And then! I thought that physically close friends, even stronger feeling... And he is all over. You know, to live not want this, I want to die, disappear, one that does not see and do not know! I now know that all of these, do not believe."
Duration of love insignificant. This feeling can last only an hour.
"I was in love once,- says a young man...And how in love! The whole festive evening was not dancing, bored. And suddenly it appeared. Outwardly she was the embodiment of my dream - slim, thin, graceful. Well danced... Believe I even dance it decided not to invite himself. My heart stood still with delight and something was burning in her chest. She was approached by a friend... rightfully last dance I went to see her. And what is it? I did not believe my ears and eyes! Her manners were not like the evening, and some vulgar, commonplace...
Walked out of the club... Smoke?" she asked, revealing beautiful cigarette case and handing it to me... I was stunned: Why you? And as she just Smoking. "Kitten,was disappointed she... " what do you know? Where do?..". I was out of breath already not smoke, and with shame and horror: it is this, because I thought... And heard the last: "and I will sit? Want will come to me!"
I got scared. I cordially shook her hand and said... Acknowledgements: Yes, Yes thanks for that, I quickly learned the essence created by me in this shell ideal -- I said, "Well, what do you I won't dream at nights...", and left."
In this example, we see that the young man was in love with casually met a girl for only an hour. And after a short conversation about the culture, the content of the soul of man, there was a fast disappointment.
Love can last a month, and year... But did not grow into a deeper sense. It depends on many reasons and, in particular, whether to improve, develop further, qualitatively grow favourite people.
Significantly greater, deeper, harder than love, a feeling which can be called friendship-love. It is, as noted by the Soviet psychologist P. M. Jacobson, is more peaceful in nature and is far more restraint. The relationship between friends, though generated sympathy to each other, are determined not so much by the moments of beauty, but by common spiritual interests. In the relations of friendship and love-no shyness, feeling anxious excitement arising at a meeting with the object of love. They are replaced by other feelings - quiet courtyard joy, trust, ease.
Friendship-love to be quite stable. It is not associated more with the physical attraction of young people to each other.