Outpatient assistance

Outpatient care - treatment-and-prophylactic help to the population provided in polyclinics, dispensaries, clinics, antenatal clinics, the health posts, stations, ambulance, emergency, feldsher-midwife stations.
The outpatient care institutions provide medical assistance to incoming patients and patients at home. Like other types of medical care, outpatient assistance in the USSR was free.
One of the main tasks outpatient care is early diagnosis of diseases and their treatment. Of particular importance is the early diagnosis of infectious diseases, malignant neoplasms. In addition to providing medical care, outpatient care institutions studying morbidity of the population, develop prevention of disease that requires a business contact of the staff of outpatient care institutions with enterprises, establishments, educational institutions, trade unions, community. The tasks of the outpatient care also includes the examination of ability to work of the patients and their employment, ensuring timely and proper hospitalization. Activity of institutions of outpatient care based on the principles of comprehensiveness, continuity and synthesis of therapeutic and preventive work. The majority of outpatient care institutions working on the electoral system.
Preventive institutions of outpatient care is carried out in three main directions. 1. Applies dispensary method of monitoring not only for patients but also for healthy populations (children, adolescents, pregnant women, people working at the enterprises with harmful working conditions, and others). 2. Conducted control measures (vaccination, isolation of infectious patients, the surveillance of persons who were in contact with infectious patients, and others). 3. Under study are the conditions of work, living and the population health (morbidity, injuries, physical development, fertility and mortality) and develop measures for their improvement.
Institutions outpatient care for conducting sanitary-educational work, organize a public asset to help the authorities and institutions of health.
In the work of the institutions of outpatient care, along with doctors take an active part nurses.
Under the guidance of doctors, medical assistants and sisters provide medical assistance, actively involved in preventive activities and conduct of sanitary-educational work, educate the population techniques of rendering first aid and care. The nurses performs medical purpose (injections, massage and other manipulations) in the treatment rooms institutions outpatient care and at home, helps the doctor at the reception, is part of the medical documentation.
In rural areas the average medical personnel of points of medical care in acute cases the treatment of patients with the subsequent direction of the patient to the doctor, or call the doctor to the patient (see outpatient Clinic, Clinic, Health center, Counseling, outpatient Clinic, Rural health plot, a rural health post).