Sudden death

Sudden death - sudden death from any disease, advancing very quickly (within minutes or hours). Suddenly called death caused rapid disease state (hours or days). This division to a certain extent conditional.
In adults causes of sudden death is most often are diseases of cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis of the coronary artery, acute coronary insufficiency or myocardial infarction; thrombosis or spasm of the blood vessels of the brain, bleeding in the brain), and rupture of a major blood vessel, especially aortic aneurysm, which resulted in the defeat of his atherosclerosis, syphilis.
Sudden death can sometimes come under strong attack of bronchial asthma, acute edema of the larynx, pneumonia, in congenital or acquired heart diseases, occasionally - drug intolerance, in which the admission or introduction of a specific drug causes shock (see). Childbirth sudden death can occur due to embolism blood vessels (air, amniotic fluid), the shock caused by uterine rupture, hemorrhage in the brain as complications eclampsia, heavy uterine bleeding. Some diseases of the cardiovascular system (rheumatic heart disease and other) can result in acute cardiovascular failure and sudden death.
In infants sudden death may occur as a result of inflammation of the lungs, toxic dyspepsia, etc. that at this age can be asymptomatic.
In cases of sudden death of the corpse shall be subject to forensic examination. If sudden death occurred during operation or after it, the case is subjected to a thorough clinical-anatomic analysis to determine the cause of death.
During the forensic examination in connection with a sudden death first of all it is necessary to exclude the possibility of a violent death, then establish the cause of sudden death in the features found at the opening of the change of authorities (see the Autopsy, the forensic).