Induced diseases

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 Who is infected with the fear of disease, 
 he already infected with the disease of fear. 
 M. Montaigne

... View of the patient Century was studying, suspicious and a little sad. In appearance he might have been 38-40 years. Worked patient accountant.
History of the disease is: being in the resort, he listened to a lecture on the prevention of cancer. It so happened that after some time we Century appeared a small stomach upset. The disease was quickly eliminated, but the doctor advised during the month to follow a diet. Century started to eat only white bread, decoctions, cereals and dairy products. Due to this diet (incorrectly understood and besides Svirstroy) have a decreased appetite, weight in podlojecna area, a depressed mood. Re-treatment to the doctor ended in the direction of x-ray examination. In issued Century the conclusion it was stated that the stomach has a hook-shaped form (note that this does not indicate disease).
Century remembered lecture, read purchased the brochure "Cancer is curable", where along the way outlined the symptoms of cancer... and understood. Remembering the whispers of radiologists and the doctor's opinion. It is, doctor, to soothe him, was lying. The disease is probably running. Started going from one doctor to another, visits to special clinics, homeopaths. His story Century ended with the words:
- That I have cancer, I know, I just want to finally find out how much I have left to live, and ask why put me to the hospital. I know that doctors to patients do not tell the truth. But I am afraid of nothing, " (he tried to smile), I can say everything. I want the truth, doctor. Only the truth.
In B. no cancer was not - he suffered from fear of cancer. I had, however, to spend a lot of time and effort to convince him that.
Why Century. became ill? Of course, he impressionable, easily susceptible to suggestion person, but a considerable role in his disease has played shaped lecture about cancer, carelessly handed the conclusion of a radiologist, overly strict diet. All this led to the suggestion and it really a bad state of health.
Among visitors of medical institutions often you can find such patients who are looking for various diseases, especially cancer, "discover" their symptoms, compared to the description in the medical books without end examined, require treatment.
They visited many doctors, trying not to miss any known or "hard to reach". While some patients explain this by the fact that "my neighbor, too, walked, walked, he was told that there was nothing he has not, but during the week he died". Others believe that one head is good, two is better, and three - quite well. Finally, the third "check" diagnosis and treatment, comparing the conclusions and recommendations of various United...
All thoughts and interests of these unfortunate people are only focused on the disease, the existence of which they are convinced. These people do not have peace, no rest, and from their relatives. They are offended when the doctor says it is necessary to treat the nervous system, and looking for "more knowledgeable and more sensitive" doctors.
I must be honest, sometimes we make an error here, speaking to the patient: "you Have nothing to it." Patient it hurts, because it is perceived as "Vain Rob doctors ' time." But in fact it is really a sick man who has lost faith in medicine and doctors. Yes and treat this patient, sometimes much harder than patient with organic heart disease or lung.
The origin of it all have some type of nervous system of the person and the totality of the factors that weaken her, illness, fatigue, trouble, Smoking, etc. But a lot of these people who have the disease occurred or was aggravated under the influence of suggestion or auto-suggestion.