The prenatal development of the child

Section tells about the prenatal development of the child and the accompanying change pregnant, gives tips on the correct mode.
During fetal life, the development of the organism is as fast as ever after birth. The status of the embryo is changed every day. Immediately after conception, it consists of a single fertilized egg, and after 9 months of a child is born with all the inherent to human bodies.
About the extremely fast pace of development of the embryo can be judged by the following example. If in 20 years after the birth of a person's weight increases 20 times, in 9 months before birth weight beings, are transformed from a fertilized egg in the child, increases in two trillion times.
Because of the rapid development of the fetus is very sensitive to adverse external influences from which it should be protected.
Meanwhile, often a woman begins to care for the child only after his birth. She knows that the baby should be fed on time made for a walk and put to sleep. However, during pregnancy, the woman's sometimes wrong way of life, not realizing that by doing so, creates unfavorable conditions for breath and the power of the fetus.
To a pregnant woman understood how important it is to take care of your future child and how this should be done, it must first be acquainted with what is happening during pregnancy in her body and what is the connection between the health of the mother and fetus.


  • Brief information about the regulation of the processes occurring in the human body
  • How to make the woman's body for pregnancy
  • The prenatal development
  • The transition to extrauterine life
  • The meaning of some of hygiene rules, recommended for pregnant women, for the normal development of the embryo and fetus
  • Concern for the future of the child in early pregnancy