Water transport trauma

Water transport the injury arises from the effect of underwater wings, propellers, anchor, at squeeze the body between the Board and the berth and other
Damage caused by parts of underwater wings moving vessels remind wounds from the effects of mild hacking items.
Because kick parts of underwater wings is applied at an angle to the body, often sednenie on the edges of the RAS, the formation of "pockets" and even scalping skin.
Damage to the propeller screws are formed when suck a man jet of water under a ship. The blades are very sharp edges and cause significant damage. This draws attention to itself as if a parallel arrangement of large wounds on the trunk and extremities. Wounds oriented to the longitudinal axis of the body at a sharp angle and reminiscent of damage hacking items: locutores, with sednenie edges.
The basis of the mechanism of occurrence of damage caused by compression of the body between the pier or pier and Board, while mooring of vessels lays a solid blow with a blunt object with a large surface area, and can happen repeated pressing of the body.
When forensic medical study of the corpse along with damages can reveal signs of drowning, which could cause death.