Hydrotherapy is the use of water procedures with the medical and preventive purposes. There are hydrotherapy - external use of fresh water (bath, shower, affusion and others) and balneotherapy - use of mineral waters for external and internal use (drinking water treatment, tubage, enemas, and others).
For clarity, give them below in the following form:

External application of mineral waters Internal use of mineral waters
characteristic of water methods of application methods of application
carbon dioxide
sodium chloride
shared bath
local baths
outdoor irrigation
therapeutic showers
shower massage, inhalations
curative drink
intestinal irrigation

Hydrotherapy procedures are very diverse. The basis of the water treatment on the child's body lies neurohumoral mechanism. The skin is primarily affected by temperature, chemical and mechanical factors of the water that annoy many of its receptors, and interoreceptors blood vessels. Afferent impulses reach the autonomic nodes, subcortical centers and cerebral cortex, there are formed the return pulses are directed to different organs and systems, determine the General response of the body - change of blood supply of organs, the intensity of tissue exchange, adaptation and protective reactions. A baby's skin is more delicate, richly vascularized, has a high potential for absorption, so reactions develop faster than adults. It plays an important role in physical processes of thermoregulation. When warm procedures skin vessels dilate, blood circulation increases, heat, and when cold stimuli (bathing, rubbing and other) vessels are narrowed, strengthens the processes of chemical thermoregulation, the intensity of metabolic processes.
The degree and nature of the responses to the procedure depends on water temperature, its salts or gases intensity mechanical irritation, localization of the affected area (General or local bath), duration of procedure, and the patient's age, condition of its reactivity. When adequate dosages forming a positive therapeutic effect, improves health, disappear pain, spasticity, secretory dysfunction, gradually recovering the function of the affected authorities, regulatory systems, increase the adaptive capacity of the body [Olefirenko Century So, 1978].