Water-heating devices

Water heating (hot water) devices - devices for boiling or water heating. To get boiled drinking water use boilers, which are produced from galvanized tin from the inside of sheet steel (stainless) steel or copper tinned on the inside sheets and pipelines made of galvanized steel.
There are two types of boilers: periodic and continuous action. The first type includes boilers samovar type and a tank in which water is heated furnace gases passing through the pipe, located in the boiler, or at the expense of steam passing through the coil is placed in the boiler. There boilers with electric heaters. Boilers of periodic action are relatively small performance; in addition, significant inconvenience are inevitable interruptions in receiving of boiling water. These shortcomings in the boilers of continuous action by productivity of 150 to 300 liters of boiling water per hour. Preparation of boiling water in these devices is performed continuously, is issued automatically only boiled water.
At least twice a month should be carried out technical inspection of boilers and in case of need cleaning from scale and tinning (see Poluda). Boiled water should not be stored more than a day, as well as freshly mixed with water boiled before. At least once in 2 months. it is necessary to make bacteriological examination of boiled water.