Water tower

water towerWater tower - building (part of the water supply system)that supports tank for water (Fig.); serves for regulation of pressure and ensure the supply of water in the water supply during peak consumption or interruption in the operation of the pumps.
The height of the tower is calculated in accordance with the water pressure in the network and the relief and is (to the bottom of the tank) 15-45 m Usually used reinforced concrete or steel tanks. When the supply of small objects, you can build a wooden tower with a height up to 20 m with wooden tanks with a capacity of up to 100 m3. Around the tank is installed insulated wooden tabernacle or tent of lightweight concrete. The room in which you installed tanks, provided ventilation and protected from penetration of insects and birds. The entrance tower and hatches over the tanks is permitted only service personnel and health surveillance in overalls.
After the construction before commissioning tanks should be thoroughly washed and chlorinated. In the future the cleaning of the tank with the subsequent washing and chlorination produce periodically, but not less than 1 time a year. In the process of operation facilities necessary permanent bacteriological control over the water quality. Steel tanks of not less than 1 time in 3 years painted iron minium or asphalt cover varnish.
Water tower built in the sanitary protection zones (see). The staff has medical examinations, are examined on bacille - and pistorasiasta. The nurse can be charged the current sanitary inspection behind the water tower and water sampling for laboratory tests.