Dropsy pregnant

Dropsy pregnant (swelling pregnant) is one of the forms of toxicity second half of pregnancy, characterized by swelling in the absence of protein in the urine and normal blood pressure. Usually occurs after 28-30 weeks of pregnancy, often multiple. Edema is due to violation of water-salt metabolism and blood circulation in the system of capillaries and precapillaries in the result of changes in neuroendocrine regulation. In the development of dropsy pregnant plays the role of a previous state of the body (metabolism with a tendency to be overweight, liver disease and other).
Clinical presentation and course. The disease develops more often gradually. Before the appearance of visible swelling may occur the so-called signal symptoms: excessive weight gain during the week (more 250-400 grams), symptoms of the "ring" (the ring on your finger becomes logopedija), "tight shoes" (worn shoes becomes close). If timely measures are not taken, visible swelling. There are 4 the prevalence of edema: 1) only swelling in the feet and lower legs; 2) swelling of the lower extremities, the lower part of the abdomen and lumbar-sacral region (if the woman is); 3) in addition to these, edema on the hands, pastos person; 4) General swelling. The skin becomes glossy look, saving, however, normal color (no pallor observed in renal edema, cyanosis, as edema associated with heart disorder). Even when pronounced edema of cardiac activity, liver, kidneys is not observed. There are no also accumulation of fluid in the cavity (pleural and abdominal). In a period of growth swelling observed decrease of urine output (negative diuresis), reducing its proportion. The General condition of the pregnant remains satisfactory.
Forecast at a dropsy pregnant is usually favorable, timely treatment gives good results, pregnancy born at the end and ends with childbirth. After delivery dropsy pregnant disappears. In rare cases, if the prevention and treatment has not been organised properly, the disease can move rapidly in nephropathy pregnant (see) and even eclampsia (see).
Treatment. When the signal symptoms dropsy pregnant midwife should refer the pregnant woman to the district hospital for consultation. At diagnosis dropsy pregnant during this period it is recommended diet with restriction of salt (not more than 2 g / day), reduce the amount of fluid (not more than 800 - 1000 ml per day). A careful monitoring (every week, sometimes more often!) weight, blood pressure, repeated analyses of urine. Action taken in time can prevent development of toxemia.
With the development of explicit edema treatment should be carried out in the hospital. Only in exceptional cases, if there is confidence that the patient will perform all assignments and homes can provide good care, treatment can be performed at home under surveillance antenatal clinic. Prescribe diuretics - gipotiazid (25 mg 2 times in the morning at four-hour intervals) 3 consecutive days, for the night sedatives: motherwort tincture at the rate of 10 g to 200 g of water on 1 table, HP, papaverine 0.02 g, better in candles (for 1 suppository 2 times a day). The woman should stay in bed (better defined the diuretic effect). Once a week, spend a day of fasting (fluid restriction to 800 ml and salt to 2 g per day) and after poluraspredelenia (without the first liquid dish). Prescribe vitamins (vitamin C, vitamins of group b). If within 3-4 days of improvement does not occur, then treated as if nephropathy pregnant (see).
Prevention. Careful monitoring and active patronage of pregnant women, monitor their observance of hygiene, especially diet. Cm. also Pregnancy.