Station (train, bus, air, sea and river) - space for temporary stay of passengers, operations management traffic, freight and mail operations.
Basic hygienic requirements for stations: in passenger rooms and on platforms should be excluded counter and crossed passenger flows. In the working premises (desks, reference and so on) should be excluded the possibility of direct contact of the personnel with passengers.
In stations with a capacity of more than 300 passengers per hour equipped room of mother and the child (the temperature in winter is +209), rooms for long rest of transit passengers, medical centers, hair salons, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms (air temperature not lower than +14 degrees). In all areas of the station necessarily strict compliance with hygiene requirements.
Inlet ventilation satisfied with the rate of 20 m3 clean heated air per passenger (in the cash room - 50 m3). To eliminate draughts should provide air heat curtains or vestibule with a heating device. Water supply and Sewerage expected on the basis of the norms of 35 liters of water per person per day for local and foreign passengers and 15 liters for suburban. Hot water is supplied at the rate of 7 litres per passenger. Sewerage binding on all stations with the internal water pipes. Natural and artificial lighting in main areas of not less than 75 Lux with incandescent lamps and 200 Lux with luminous, auxiliary rooms from 30 to 65 LK. Workplace recommended illumination up to 300 Lux. Cleaning station, preferred by means of cleaning machines at least 2-3 times a day.
General cleaning should be carried out according to a schedule approved by the chief of the station and agreed with the SES. Disinfection at least 1-2 times a month, and epidemic indications.