hairy (hypertrichosis)hairy (hypertrichosis) - excessive growth of hair, not specific to the skin, not corresponding sex and age. Clinically there are congenital (General or limited) and acquired forms of volosatoi. Congenital form of General volosatoi, when the entire surface of the skin covered with long wavy hair,a very rare anomaly, progressing up to the age of puberty. In congenital limited form in some cases hairy develops on pigmented skin in the form of so-called hairy pigmented nevi; in others the normal pigmented skin, usually in the area of sacrum (the so-called beam of a Faun). Purchased the hair growth occurs on the sites of long-term skin irritation (rubbing ointments, plaster bandages), in patients with tuberculosis, osteomyelitis. Sometimes the girls at puberty period or in women B. the period of menopause begins increased growth of hair on the face of the upper lip. In the pathogenesis of the main role is played changes on the part of the neuroendocrine system.
Treatment of the underlying disease; local - destruction of hair follicles diathermocoagulation. In cosmetic use bleaching hair - perhidrol, destruction of their chemical depilation.
The use of x-rays are not recommended.