The question almost exhausted...

You must take care first of all about the plasma. Enter in column muscles whole blood't have, because the red blood cells themselves have some enzymatic activity and can ruin the whole song because under the action of negative pressure within reasonable limits erythrocytes in the intercellular space fall. Therefore, continuing and these experiments on frogs, and not on warm-blooded animals, especially stocked frog's blood that was released from the formed elements. This is the plasma - you can enter it in the frog muscle to match then the health of the muscles and performance of the corresponding muscles on the other foot.
However, it is impossible to hasten. Remember how painfully slowly diffuses IKS-substance" intercellular liquid, if even to cover distance micron orders of magnitude requires minutes. So, if you enter the plasma in the middle of the muscles, then it is the matter will go to the side from the place of wkola needles and reaches all the muscles... after about 5-10 thousand minutes while we were not mistaken in the hypothesis. During this time intercellular fluid will have time to change out into the lymph vessels and again appearing through the wall of the capillary. Decided to bypass this obstacle and to introduce plasma at several points muscles. Then the effect (gels hypothesis is true), whichever is sooner. This also had their own discomfort, muscle was pricked, and this alone was able to "lubricate" the result of experience. Finally, we are quite confused about how long after the introduction of plasma have to wait. To trauma to muscles needle (though very thin, which are only) not ruin the experience, in the opposite, "control" muscle at appropriate points and quantities introduced indifferent ringer's solution. And to determine the time required for the diffusion of IKS-matter", decided to use the old method of trial and error: start with a definition of health in 15 minutes after the introduction of plasma, and then every two experiences to add on 5 minutes
In the first tens of experiences any effect from the introduction of plasma was not. Only when the waiting time since injection prior irritation came to 2 hours or more in some experiments the health of muscles, received the plasma was higher than the other muscles of the legs. But not Vice versa! And here's some experience found great performance muscles, which received the plasma. Twice higher than in the chamber! We felt the wings behind the back, and when assembled around the spire of Moscow state University, where there was this study, by the University chime saw that the time of maximal effect of 3.5 h after injection plasma. If we wait another hour, the effect disappears. What else is necessary? To call it "x-substance". The problem is biochemical.
We are convinced that the recovery tired muscle man happens a lot faster, if you apply this simple tool. Many diseases, especially those that require raising local currency, inferior treatment by hyperbaric chamber. The vascular system is extremely vulnerable, and the most frequent cause of death - a myocardial infarction. We do not propose to put the heart at risk of a heart attack in a recompression chamber. But if suffering from a lack of oxygen to the heart muscle to present the biochemical agent, the existence of which the reader, as we hope, felt, getting acquainted with this Chapter, then your heart could, perhaps, without implications as to transfer oxygen starvation. Today, hardly probable not the most effective means at a spasm of coronary vessels is considered nitroglycerin. Not so much because it expands coronary vessels, much because it inhibits the metabolism in the myocardium, reducing here oxygen request. IKS-substance", on the contrary, increases the intensity of exchange, washing cells, and increases their ability to meet the increased oxygen request with reduced blood flow. It's much better!
To investigate the fundamental possibility of such solution of the problem really is now. Moreover, we can name dozens of serious research (in another case), proved that the increase of capillary pressure in the myocardium leads to the strengthening of the heart, decrease of coronary blood flow and increased oxygen consumption. The same thing happens with skeletal muscle under the influence of plasma or local decompression. What, in fact, required.
But you are tired, the reader. Hang a sign: THE LUNCH BREAK .