The issues of education

 "No better, higher and wider than the care, 
 because education is work 
 the older generation on the new. 
 It is grinding, forming the 
 high material that only 
 there are in the world, " the man himself". 
 A. Century Lunacharsky

The state and society on the parents is responsible for the healthy development and upbringing of children in the spirit of Soviet patriotism and Communist attitude to work and public property, in the spirit of the ability to prioritize the interests of a socialist society.
Nurseries, gardens and other institutions are intended only to facilitate working parents raising their child, but not eliminate family. The family remains the primary public cell, is better capable of forming a new person, not to mention the fact that the family is the most perfect form of sexual relations between people. There was a time when some public figures said that the family under communism must die. It is not so. Even F. Engels believed that monogamous (edinorodnaja) family under socialism and communism not only will not die, but will improve. "It is possible not without reason to note, that it not only does not disappear, but on the contrary, only then will all be fulfilled"*. And in the program of the CPSU says, "Absolutely not right are those who argue that the value of the family in the transition to communism supposedly falling and eventually it will disappear. In fact, under communism, the family will strengthen family relationships will finally be cleaned from material calculations, made of high purity and strength"**.
Thus, the release of the family from a variety of business and a large part of the educational work and responsibilities does not mean her death. On the contrary, mechanization for bringing home comfort, cooking and other household chores, address the many challenges that fall on the share of the spouses, will free up a lot of time to enrich their different cultural values that are family life will make much more substantial and interesting. Will be richer and more beautiful than human love.
The family under communism will inherit and will absorb all valuable that is created in the area of marriage and family relations many previous generations of mankind, it would also be a source of new, higher values, the first of which is the education of the new, spiritually and physically perfect man.
However, it would be wrong family under communism to consider as something unchangeable, finally and forever established. Public life is impossible without development and progress. Will develop and be replaced under communism and marriage and family relations, but all family contradictions and conflicts will be resolved by the people standing on a high ethical level, and therefore they will not reach the severity, which today we still often leads to the destruction of the family.
In socialist society there are no contradictions between family and state education, between home and school. Before them is a single and common task is raising fresh and healthy generation, capable to complete the construction of a Communist society.

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** "Materials HHP Congress of the CPSU", 1%2, S. 196.