Rising gonorrhea

The rising gonorrhea we say when the infection penetrates for internal uterine cervix. The spread of the infection is favored: the period of menstruation, postnatal period, Polo-share life with existing infection of the lower section of sexual apparatus and, finally, any kind of medical intervention when latent forms or in acute period of gonorrhea lower divisions sexual apparatus.
Gonorrhea lower section may be hidden, and by the time of the development of chronic gonorrhea in the upstream divisions sexual apparatus gonococcus of secretions may already be gone.
In such cases, as well as to establish a cure, you can resort to the method of provocation.
As for clinical signs, it can help carefully assembled history. Beli, painful urination, appeared soon after the beginning of sexual life or casual sexual intercourse, cause to suspect gonococcal infection; the presence of gonorrheal spots (macula lutea gonorrhoica) supports this suspicion.
Primary infertility or sterility, which came after one of pregnancy in normally developing sexual apparatus, also ought to think about the transferred gonorrhea. Finally, when gonorrheal infections of the appendages it is more likely to be bilateral.