Inflammatory diseases of urinary organs

Inflammation of any organ of the urinary and reproductive (male) systems is not only a local disease.
The availability of a wide canalicular, lymphogenous and hematogenous communication between all the organs of the urinary system creates favourable conditions for the spread of infection from one organ to another. In men it extends to the whole of the urogenital system, because they have between urinary and genital system has canaliculata communication.
The inflammatory process in any part of the urinary system contributes hindered the outflow of urine. Stagnant urine is a favorable environment for the development of microflora. Violation of the outflow of urine also contributes to the spread of infection in the upper divisions urinary system, for example from the bladder into the pelvis lymphogenous by or at the lumen of the ureter (vesicoureteral reflux), or from the renal pelvis into the renal parenchyma on renal tubules, veins and lymphatic pathways, called mielomonocitarnyi, pielavesi and paleoliticheskom reflux. Elimination of obstacles to the free flow of urine (strictures, stones and so on), is essential to the successful struggle with urinary infection.