Rehabilitation treatment

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In a large Arsenal of forms and methods of treatment of patients: in elderly and senile age particular emphasis on rehabilitation therapy - rehabilitation. In accordance with the definition given by the expert Committee on the rehabilitation at the who, rehabilitation is a process by which seek to prevent disability, in the period of the disease and to help persons with disabilities to achieve maximal physical, psychological, professional, social and economic usefulness of possible within the existing disease or bodily infirmity.
According to a number of gerontology Bulgaria, USA, Italy, Belgium, the purpose of geriatric rehabilitation is to enable patients to perform daily duties, to restore their position in the family and society. Rehabilitation in old age means the restructuring of mental, psychological and physical state, violated the disease.
Specialists from Poland consider rehabilitation as a complex process, which includes: treatment of the patient medical rehabilitation, removing it from depression and psychological rehabilitation, recovery position in the family and society - social rehabilitation, restoration of the ability of the patient to the full participation in the labour process - vocational rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation of the elderly and senile age is of great socio-economic importance. The literature data suggest that the need for rehabilitation treatment increases with age.
The need for rehabilitation measures vary from country to country and depends on many factors, in particular from the life of people. B. Davitkov (1969) underlines that the rehabilitation of health in socialist countries has its foundations. If in the capitalist countries the focus is increased profits of entrepreneurs due to the return to the workflow of persons with disabilities (especially high-skilled workers), in the countries of socialism in the first place is nurturing of man, on his return in a row full of workers.
In many countries (Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, GDR, Hungary, USA, England, Sweden) special centres of rehabilitation therapy. In Rumania, the center serves persons with symptoms of premature aging. On rehabilitation centers have a great task of organizing rehabilitation of elderly and old people, who, due to their long flowing chronic diseases lost work capacity, mobility and sometimes can't even take care of themselves.
Branch of rehabilitation can be at hospitals of General type, geriatric centers and to exist as an independent institution. Rehabilitation centres accept patients discharged from hospitals or sent directly to the doctor. Treatment in-patient and out-patient. In rehabilitation patients must learn to perform a number of operations (rising from bed, dressing, washing, doors and so on). For these departments need special equipment. When determining the size of the premises of the rehabilitation hospital at 1200-1500 beds should be based on the who guidelines. It should be rated for 25% of the total number of in-patients, i.e., by about 300 people. The number of outpatient visits can be twice as much (600). Up to 100 patients can visit the office for directions to nearby hospitals and day hospitals. In the end bandwidth rehabilitation departments in major hospital should be 1,000 people a day.
In Czechoslovakia rehabilitation centers that meet our resorts, located in scenic locations. In them, in addition to all kinds of physical therapy (hydrotherapy, physiotherapy), widely used mechanical therapy and occupational therapy. On average, these centers are designed for 200-300 seats.