World health organization

The world health organization (who) established in 1948 when the United Nations (UN).
Who is working to combat infectious and parasitic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer.
Who's role is to assist the developing countries in organizing national health; to set global standards of medicines; the revision of the international classification of diseases and causes of death; improvement of the system of protection of motherhood and childhood. Who organizes on a broad international program of joint studies on the health status of the population, organization of medical aid, the system of training of medical personnel, shall ensure the coordination of these studies.
Who organizes symposia on problems of medicine and health care. At a special international courses studied the positive experience of the organization of training of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other health workers .
Who publishes epidemiological, demographic, statistical reports, journal a Chronicle of the who and other materials. Who include representatives of 130 countries of the world. The governing body of the who is the world health Assembly, which is convened annually. Who is 6 regional office: European, American, South-East Asia, East Mediterranean, the Western Pacific, African. Committees of the who expert consultation on various scientific and practical questions, staffed by competent scientists of many countries of the world. The reports of the expert committees are taken into account when designing programmes of activities of the who. Russia is one of the most active members of the who.