Sexual abstinence young men will not hurt!

Widely recognized as the opinion of the largest specialists (psychologists, and biologists, psychiatrists and neurologists, hygienists and Dermatovenereology, endocrinologists and gynecologists), sexual abstinence before the period of marriage is absolutely harmless.
Given the sexual transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, the role of the moral qualities of teenagers, parents should pay particular attention to prevention. Major achievements of the Soviet health care has created in the minds of the population, including many members of the medical profession, known complacency, which is undoubtedly false.
Under condition of increasing contacts with foreign States, there is the danger of penetration of sexually transmitted diseases from abroad.
In addition to the sometimes fatal consequences of the disease, we must bear in mind the heavy emotional experiences that await sick boys and girls, when they were isolated from the community for treatment, often long, and in case of evasion is compulsory. We know many examples when these diseases leave for years to severe mental trauma, largely determining the future destiny of man. All his thoughts, voluntarily or involuntarily confined to the treatment and care that his disease didn't become the property of others, including relatives. Because we have to take the path of lies and deception, quietly destroyed the sacred bond of camaraderie, friendship, kinship. Instead of fulfilling emotional life such young men and women waiting spiritual devastation. Additional weakening of the body and the unbalance of their nervous system predispose sometimes to more serious consequences.
Moved in his youth, sexually transmitted diseases pose additional difficulties at registration of the marriage. The current code of laws on marriage, the family and guardianship provides for mutual notification of the marriage on the state of health; marriage is permitted only when removing the patient from the register, although the duration of the monitoring of patients after a full treatment of some forms of syphilis for up to 5 years or more.
Well-bred young people knowledgeable about the high risk of early sexual life, about the possibility and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, as a rule, escapes extramarital relations.
Our clinical-psychological studies conducted on the big material, show that restraint in sexual feelings until completion of the sexual and social maturity ensures a high level of spiritual and physical development, together with them comes and large family happiness. Soviet men and women like young people brought up in the spirit of high morality, physically developed, enriched scientific knowledge. Reach the top of physical and mental perfection only those young people who see the ultimate goal is to be as useful to society that see their personal happiness in the establishment and strengthening of healthy family relationships.
Well, when sincere, big love between a boy and a girl is revealed and blossoms on the background of a common goal. And, on the contrary, with serious consequences and frustration expect those who have high aspirations for the future General and personal happiness are displaced is not a measure of increased need for immediate satisfaction, let powerful, but yet vague, not conscious and socially not yet fully disclosed sexual feelings. Stepping in the early years of bounds, young people lose the desire for self-improvement, all of them becomes boring and not interesting.
Clear purposes, high cultural needs, the gradual complication of the objectives, training willed aspirations largely determine the future of young men and women. Or they are in later stages of life will be physically strong, noble and educated, or, yielding sexual representations and physical satisfaction, will be weak and not able to overcome difficulties, everyday occur on a treacherous, but fruitful ways of perfection of the individual.
Sexual abstinence is not a serious problem for those who are wondering, with large scientific and cultural demands, with a sense of responsibility and a deep respect for parents and society makes plans for the future and teach themselves for their implementation.