Impact on the cervix pathology, not involving uterine bleeding

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As in the use of electrical stimulation, and at other ways of influence on the cervix many authors in their communication reported on some favorable side effects. So, it was noted that some women mentioned weight loss in obesity (Rouane-Crepeaux), was liquidated painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (C. M. Strugatsky)were observed more quiet during the menopause (S. N. Davydov).
A special research conducted by A. D. Ustiashvili and D. I. Babunashvili (1961), allowed them to come to the conclusion that electrical stimulation of the cervix increases libido sexualis and contributes to the emergence of orgasm for those women who have never had it. We can also confirm that the number of women noted beneficial effects of electrical stimulation on libibo sexualis.
Unexpected aspect of applying electrical stimulation of the cervix cited in B., Lityn (1970). We are talking about the treatment of itching vulva. This method of treatment the author came up deliberately, according to the views of some researchers, considering the itching as the disease diencephalic structures. Just underwent treatment of 47 patients, of which 35 itching can be classified as essential, and at 12 he was shown as a symptom of diabetes vulvita. At the age of 30-40 years was 7 patients, 41-50 years - 14, 51-50 - 17, 61 and older -9 people. Disease duration was from 3 to 10 years. Normally menstrural 14 people had irregular menstrual period 6 and 27 was in menopause. Electrostimulation of the cervix was held on 10-12 min daily for 12-15 days in women who were in menopause, and saving the menstrual cycle - from 6-8 day it on 5-6 sessions. 38 patients were observed for more than 2 years. Full recovery was observed in 21 patients; relapse after 3-6 months was observed in 5; 12 patients had paroxysmal the emergence of itching, said more rare, the appearance and the decrease intensity of the discomfort.
N. E. P. Sidorov and A. Osipov (1966) in the treatment of women with infertility used in combined therapy including conservative or surgical restoration of uterine tubes passability and subsequent electrical stimulation of the cervix, considering that this method will provide, on the one hand, a stimulating effect on luteinizing the function of the pituitary gland and on the other beneficial effect on the motility of the fallopian tubes. Control for monitoring the changes in motor skills fallopian tubes served re kilogrammy received at the time of stimulation of the cervix, combined with hydrotubation. Fes was used apparatus of the ACM 3, and for kinografika hydrotubation - machine factory "red guard" (a-31) for the blowing of the trumpets.
All under the supervision was 54 patients. Of this number, 30 people were held only electrostimulation cervical cancer: treatment began with 9-10-th day of the cycle and continued until the next menstruation after a day or daily (at a rate of at least 8 procedures, each lasting 10-15 minutes). The second group consisted of 24 people, who simultaneously with electrical stimulation was conducted and hydrotube-tion. Of the 54 people motility pipes were normalized in 31, improved-18, remained unchanged - 4, deteriorated in 1 (tuberculous salpingitis). Normalization motor pipes often observed when using the second method. Pregnancy occurred in 15 women that allows the authors of this method is widely recommend along with hydrotubation pipes to apply and electrical stimulation of the uterine cervix.
L. A. mozzhukhina (1964), recognizing that a number of patients suffering from habitual incomplete, the only reason that there have been violations of ovarian and uterine motility, decided to apply the stimulation of the uterine cervix. All were treated 45 women aged from 21 to 39 years who had in the past 2 to 6 of spontaneous abortions. Among these patients, 36 people were certain menstrual dysfunction. Thus we found 25 the lack of yellow body, and 10 - deficient ovarian function on the development of estrogen. The study of bioelectric activity of the uterus showed that only 5 women the level corresponded to the level of bioelectric activity of the uterus healthy women who have not had abnormalities of the genitalia in history. 23 women bioelectric activity was increased, 17 - reduced.