Impact on the cervix pathology, not involving uterine bleeding

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Electrostimulation of the cervix was performed using the electrostimulator company "Allevard" with the usual characteristic of the pulse. The session of electrical stimulation lasted 3 minutes and repeated 1-2 times a week. Most of the women in the period of treatment noted the complete cessation of pain that they were bothered before. Changes in the direction of improvement or complete normalization of function of the ovaries (according to the tests of functional diagnostics) was observed in 42 patients. Based on the data of L. A. mozzhukhina believes that under the influence of electrical stimulation of the receptors of the cervix increases secretion not only yellow body, but estrogens, Bioelectrical activity of the uterus was also changed, and these changes corresponded to normalize the function of the ovaries. During the observation time (0,5-2,5 years) pregnancy occurred in 25 patients. Of these, 18 have given birth in time, one - prematurely, in 2 came miscarriage, 4 - had progressive pregnancy. These data suggest that electrical stimulation of the cervix, used as the only way therapy or in combination with other treatments (mud, massage, hormones), is an effective treatment for women with incomplete developed in connection with functional deficiency of the ovaries and uterus.
In 1970, C. M. and B. Strugatsky I. Tolcheeva also led a very interesting data on the use of electrical stimulation of the cervix in the treatment of women with genital infantilism. All under the supervision was 50 patients at the age from 23 till 35 years. In 27 patients, there was optimizarea, and 23 had regular menstrual periods. During the preliminary examination for three menstrual cycles (or three months in amenorrhea) revealed that all the patients had been a violation of the second phase of the cycle: 23 there was anovulatory cycle, and the 27 - shortened the existence of a yellow body. Since all patients up to the present treatment received variety of therapy, to prevent the possible impact of previous therapy, electrical stimulation was held not earlier than one year after the end of the previous course. Procedure of electrical stimulation was done 5 days from the 10th to the 14th day of the cycle (when optimizarea cycle was calculated conditionally) for 5 minutes Characteristic of regular pulses. After 14 days consisted of five sessions, electrostimulation, but through the day. The results tracked by the authors over 2 years. 25 women after three courses of electrical stimulation marked by varying degrees of improvement of ovarian function: 11 pregnancy, in 2 - established normal two-phase cycle, 12 - appeared a full two-phase cycles, 25 electrical stimulation effect is not given. Considering the long preceding ineffective therapy in all patients electrostimulation patients should be achieved effect quite satisfactory, considering the fact, that the pregnancy in patients with primary infertility duration from 3 to 10 years.