Impact on the cervix with dysfunctional uterine bleeding

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To sum pulse current to the cervix of women used bipolar electrode in the form of a prisoner in PVC a cylinder tube with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 15 cm from the distal (concerning the cervix and free from vinyl chloride tube) the end of this cylinder has 2 metal isolated from each other rings each with a diameter of 3, 4, or 5 mm, width 3 mm; the distance between them 3 mm. Metal rings are current-carrying. It is advisable to have electrodes with different diameters and metal rings (3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm).
For the procedure of stimulation you need to have a gynecological chair, mirror Cuzco, korangi, cotton swabs, 96° alcohol, 2% solution of Lysol.
Preparation for the procedure: the patient lies on a gynecological chair. The vagina is entered mirror Cuzco. Tampons removed the blood and mucus. The cervix is cleaned 96 grades alcohol.
Introduction electrode: treated with 2% solution of Lysol and alcohol electrode carefully introduced into the cervical canal to the internal OS. The electrode is better kept, if it proximal part lies on a cotton ball, located on the lower leaf mirrors. Throughout the procedure, the electrode must be stationary.
The procedure of using the apparatus of ISE-01: before turning on the device to the network you must check whether the toggle in the "off"position, and handles all control characteristics of the pulse is at the far left. Position toggle switch the polarity does not matter: he may be against the "+" and against "-"sign. Training apparatus ISE-01 to work start with the installation of the switch and frequency of recurrence of pulses against the numbers 80 and switch gross changes pulses in position III. The handle is smooth variation of the pulse duration is set to black line coincided with the number 2 on the third scale outside. Switch type of work of the device display in position "a continuous series", the switch rough voltage regulation bet against dividing 30 In and switch the duration of the pauses leave against the number 2. The toggle - switch network is transferred to the "on"position. After sunbathing signal lamp and then sunbathing (flashing) indicator lights handle smooth adjustment of voltage bet against marks "5" of the scale of the potentiometer, a graduated scale pulse meter. Output the handle is smooth adjustment of the voltage at the specified position is to be gradually. The unit is off, repeated in reverse order of inclusion. The electrode is washed under running water with soap and dried with a dry flannel.
Using EEG techniques we have tested the reaction of the brain to tactile irritation different departments of the uterus. It turned out that with the passage of uterine probe through the internal OS has the most expressed EEG response, which confirmed the feasibility of summing up the electrode end to domestic fix, with the most pronounced receptive capacity (Fig. 32).

Fig. 32. Electroencephalogram reflecting the changes of brain potentials in promoting uterine probe through the internal OS.