Impact on the cervix with dysfunctional uterine bleeding

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During the procedure, patients did not experience any unpleasant feelings.
According to available published data, at present there are more than 3000 patients who about bleeding applied treatment by stimulation of the uterine cervix. Further analyzed 928 cases, because the number of patients were able to trace long-term results in terms of one clinic,
From 928 720 patients were in menopause (41-49 years) and 208 - in reproductive (27-40 years). The duration of menstrual function ranged from 6 months to 7 years; only 27% of women were the primary patients, 73% of patients in the past been subjected to diagnostic and therapeutic curettage of the uterus from 1 to 7 times. This glandular-cystic hyperplasia of the endometrium was found at 63%, glandular hyperplasia - 27%. atrophic endometrium - 8%, mixed (proliferative and secretory endometrium) - 1.5% and secretory changes endometrium - 0.5%. Among all patients, only 40 (5%) bleeding started in the period of the expected menstruation, and the rest had irregular menstrual periods and bleeding appeared after the delay period for the term of 1 to 7 weeks.
Colpocytology reaction before electrostimulation overwhelming majority of patients ranged at level IV, IV-III and III-IV, and fewer took place III and III-II reactions. In the study by mirrors very often observed the expiration of the cervical canal blood mixed with mucus. Bimanual examination revealed, as a rule, slightly increased dense uterus and gaping cervical canal. Anatomical changes in the condition of the sexual sphere organs were not determined. In the production of a number of patients of servicehistory were found extended isthmic cervical Department of the uterus and spazmirovannah body.
Before treatment, all patients were performed bar the method of the endometrium or suction climbed material for cytological study. The said examination was carried out in cases, if the latest diagnostic scraping the patient was at least 4-5 months before admission to the clinic. This event allowed us in any case not to miss adenocarcinoma of the cervix. The last circumstance has also contributed to strictly follow us rule: if after the third session of electrical stimulation bleeding is not completely stopped, remaining even minimum, a woman always been scraping the entire lining of the uterus.
Analysis of historical data, results colpocytology research, clinical features of the disease, histostructure endometrial allowed to assume that the vast majority of patients subjected to treatment by stimulation of the cervix, was the lack of ovulation.
Each patient received electrical stimulation by the following method: the first three sessions of 10 minutes were held daily, and then another three additional session through the day.