Impact on the cervix pathology, not involving uterine bleeding

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Given that the term "dysmenorrhea" means any violation of menstrual function, we have combined some types of pathology on the principle of the absence of bleeding, i.e. in such conditions, where it was not necessary to achieve the hemostatic effect, and in the first place ought to influence defective in relation to the function of the follicles and yellow body ovarian activity. In this group include amenorrhea, gipomenstrualny syndrome, anovulatory cycle and sexual infantilism.
Already Rouane-Crepeaux (1957) reported that the use of electrical stimulation of the cervix gave a positive effect in amenorrhea and algodismenorrhea, but detailed clinical material was given. Sirbu, Motoiu, Paunescu, pop, Marin (1960) stated that electrical stimulation was applied successfully in the event of amenorrhea, arisen after meningitis. To stimulate menstrual period for the first time it took 10 sessions held every other day for 10 minutes, second time - 8, the third - 5, and the fourth time it came without repeating the treatment. Control, performed by means of basal temperature, vaginal smear, histostructure endometrium, revealed thus formation of two-phase cycle. In 1961, A. D. Ustiashvili, Doctor of historical Sciences Babunashvili reported good results of treatment of infertility in women electrostimulation of the cervix. However, the contingent of patients, the therapy, the number treated and cured these authors say nothing.
In this respect, of great interest is the work of N. , About Kosheleva's (1966), conducted in the clinic E. P. Meisel. The method of stimulation of the cervix was treated 60 women suffering from infertility, accompanied hypoplasia sexual apparatus. The course of treatment consisted of 5 electrostimulated conducted through the day. Women receive from 1 to 3 courses. All patients were divided into two groups. The first group included patients with passable pipes, the second - with impassable in Anulare Department pipes. Patients in the first group, in turn, were divided into 2 subgroups: the first was made only electrostimulation, in the second electrical stimulation combined with the introduction of estrogen. In the first group was 44 patients, second-16. Almost half of the women was in the age of 31 years; primary infertility suffered 42 people, secondary - 18. Treatment was started with 6-9-day cycle, and some from 12-14-day cycle. Evaluation of the obtained results was performed by means of tests of functional diagnostics. Among the patients of the first group treatment only electric irritation of the cervix was subjected to 28 people. In the treatment of patients initiated on time close to ovulation, basal body temperature became mushy, disappeared phenomenon of urbanizatsii and pupil.
In patients with obstruction of pipes, in addition to electrical stimulation, were hydrotubation with the introduction into the uterus lidaza, hydrocortisone, streptomycin and penicillin. Among these patients, there came a quick normalization of menstrual function, manifested in the development of two-phase of the cycle, the elimination of the effects of algodismenorea.
Total results presented in table. 8.
Data of this table indicate the beneficial effects of estrogen on the results of treatment, and that the terms of carrying out of electrostimulation if only this kind of therapy are not that significant.
When combined elektrorazpredelenie and hydrotubation great effect was observed in Fes, which began in the middle of the cycle. The author comes to the conclusion that the method of stimulation of the cervix is effective in the treatment of women with hypoplasia sexual apparatus.
Very significant is the increase of efficiency with additional use of estrogen, which confirms our assumption about the nature of the failures of electrical stimulation with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, when a low estrogen saturation was also the highest percentage of unsuccessful outcomes of the hemostatic effect.