Age of onset of the disease

Allergy to cow's milk suffer mostly children under the age of 2 years; the disease usually manifests itself in the first 2-3 months of life [14, 25, 26]. During examination 89 such children under 12 years of Goldman et al. [15] found that 52 of them (58%) of the first symptoms of Allergy appeared in the age of 1 month. According to Kuitunen et al. [27]the first symptoms occurred in children aged from 1 day up to 22 weeks, on average accounting for 9 weeks. Gerard et al. [24] found that 41% sensitive to milk children Allergy symptoms appear within 7 days after the start of feeding milk formula, and in 69% - within 4 weeks. However, no age cannot be considered secure: Allergy to milk may be first diagnosed and an adolescent, and adult [17, 28-31].